Andrzej Sapkowski On Witcher Adaptations: “They Never Listen to Me”

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It’s no longer a secret that Andrzej Sapkowski is writing a new Witcher book and he took to Comic Con Vienna last week to announce the release window of it: Late 2024 in Poland with early 2025 internationally. In a new interview with Cerealkillerz, Sapkowski talks about his craft, The Witcher adaptations, his new book and more.

Andrzej Sapkowski speaks about adaptations, visiting Netflix Witcher set and his next book

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Answering a question from Cerealkillerz whether any adaptation got the characters’ looks right, Sapkowski gave a neutral answer: “Every adaptation that I saw was strange for me. That’s the right word, I suppose. Strange or something that’s making me astonished, because my raw material when I work is the letters, only letters.

He continued: “I do not describe pictures. I don’t see any pictures. I use the letters only because I know that my reader will see in the book the letters only, not the pictures, so I have to deal with my letters to make the reader imagine the pictures, not the other way around. I don’t picture the pictures for the reader to see it and say ‘wow!’.

So every adaptation, every visual adaptation is simply strange for me. I look at it and say ‘Whoa, this is the way they pictured it, interesting!’. Sometimes this impression of the visual is very nice for me, sympathetic, sometimes it isn’t, but I will not elaborate.

Speaking on specifically visiting the Netflix Witcher set later in the interview and whether or not he gave the team any ideas, Sapkowski said: “Oh well, the set was tremendous, tremendous, awesome!” he began, then continued jokingly: “But no, maybe I gave them some ideas, but they never listen to me. They never listen to me. But it’s normal, it’s normal. ‘Who’s this? It’s the writer, it’s nobody.‘”

Regarding his new book, Sapkowski was brief as usual: “I’m writing a new book right now, the new Witcher book. It will appear, I suppose, on the market next Winter.

Earlier, Sapkowski confirmed that his next Witcher book would be released in Poland in late 2024 and internationally in early 2025.

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When asked which book of his he would consider his masterpiece, Sapkowski replied: “Well, all of them are masterpieces! Dear sir, every one of them is a masterpiece! Really, quite seriously, do you imagine that I give to the market, to the reader something that isn’t a masterpiece? I will write it, write it and rewrite it and once again rewrite it to make it a masterpiece. And then I give it to my publisher.

Watch the full interview with Cerealkillerz here:

Andrzej Sapkowski’s new Witcher book has a planned Winter 2024/2025 release with The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep anime set for a late 2024 release as well. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.