Netflix Tossed At Least a Third of a Billion Dollars To The Witcher


The budget of TV shows is usually a tight kept secret and so far very little was known about Netflix’s expenses on The Witcher franchise, but now Forbes has come out with a new report detailing how much has been spent on each season.

$319 Million and counting

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Forbes reports that in total, Netflix has spent $318.7 million on The Witcher Season 1, Season 2 and Blood Origin. They break the numbers down as well.

$92.1 million went to The Witcher Season 1, with the average per episode being $11.5 million.

The numbers were massively bumped up in Season 2, which had a total budget of $176.3 million. The pandemic and extra costs must have played a part in that. The average per episode ends up being $22 million.

The Witcher: Blood Origin had a budget of $50.3 million, not counting the post-production and reshoots.

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The report by Forbes includes neither Season 3 nor the Nightmare of the Wolf anime, and of course not even the upcoming The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep anime or The Rats series.

This means that by now the total number spent on the franchise could be well around half a billion dollars. Quite a lot of coins tossed at The Witcher.

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The Witcher Season 3 is available on Netflix with The Rats prequel in post-production and The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep anime by Studio Mir is far in production. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

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  1. This show looks cheap AF. I guess some responsible authorities must check show expenditures

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