The Witcher Author Gives an Update On New Witcher Books + His Opinion On Netflix Show

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It has been ten years since Season of Storms, the last book in Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher saga was released. It served as a midquel between some of the short stories seen in The Last Wish. And before that, in 1999, Sapkowski released The Lady of the Lake, the ending of The Witcher saga. Since then the author has made comments about writing more books in this universe and this week was the latest.

More Witcher books are planned, says Sapkowski

sapko 2023
Andrzej Sapkowski at TIBE 2023

Speaking to Dzieje at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2023, Andrzej Sapkowski gave a very short and quick answer to the question about any upcoming Witcher books: “They are in the plans.” He didn’t elaborate further.

It’s unclear what’s the status of the next Witcher book as Sapkowski said almost the exact same thing five years ago at the Polish Comic-Con 2018. Back then, his answer was a tiny bit more elaborate. Asked about the possibility of him continuing the story beyond the events of The Lady of the Lake, Sapkowski gave a firm “No”.

“The story is complete, the saga has been concluded, so if by any chance I write something in The Witcher universe, and I sure have such intention, it would probably be something like a prequel or a sidequel. Not a sequel.

At the end of the day, we still don’t know for certain if and when there will be a new Witcher book, but we at least have assurance from Sapkowski himself that he’s planning something.

Sapkowski’s opinion of the Netflix series

During the same event at TIBE 2023, Sapkowski was asked about his opinion about the Netflix adaptation of his books. Once again, his answer was short: “I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse.”

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