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Watch a New Ominous Audition Tape for House of the Dragon Season 2

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The second season of HBO’s hit series House of the Dragon starring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke has finally started pre-production at Leavesden Studios. We already reported on a very interesting casting call potentially regarding Helaena Targaryen’s children and a very dark scene that involves them: Blood and Cheese. Now we have another piece of casting that could also be related to that sequence.

Another House of the Dragon casting related to Blood and Cheese?

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The new audition tape comes from actor Samuel Edward-Cook, who auditioned for a character codenamed Charlie ‘C’ for Red Gun 2, the production codename for House of the Dragon Season 2. The name fits perfectly with the likes of Bobby B and Vizzy T, but never mind that. Here’s the tape:

Charlie C seems to be a servant in a castle, who sneaks someone else into said castle to “kidnap a royal prince“. He mentions that another group of servants work upstairs, so upstairs is not his area. Charlie C seems reluctant and says that he was only supposed to lead the man into the castle. After a bit of pressure, he admits he does know the way upstairs after all and accompanies the man.

In the second scene, they both are in a royal’s quarters and wonder whether it’s the Prince’s quarters. Charlie seems to be willing to let it go, but his accomplice says “No prince, no gold” and tells him to search other rooms.

It’s interesting that the criminals want to kidnap the royal prince, whereas Blood and Cheese had other intentions. That said, this could be a misdirection written specifically for the audition tape and the real scene might be different.

Blood and Cheese art by Will Owen

It’s also worth noting that in Charlie ‘C’, C could be his nickname and could stand for Cheese. It lines up with the fact that it was Cheese who led Blood into the Red Keep, even with C’s friend saying “I’m the blade, you’re the map”, although he was a rat catcher and not just any servant, and he never gave the impression of someone who was as reluctant to do the job.

In short, there are several points both for and against Charlie ‘C’ being, in fact, the infamous Cheese of the Blood and Cheese duo. Time will tell us more. Although, the very premise of two men looking for a royal prince in a palace in House of the Dragon Season 2 seems to make it rather clear.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is in pre-production for a 2024 release at HBO. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news on House of the Dragon as well as other series.

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