The Rings of Power Adds Wednesday, Game of Thrones Actor and More News

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Filming for the second season of Amazon’s The Rings of Power is in full swing in the UK with several months still to go. In the last months we also have had more than a dozen of new cast members announced including Sam Hazeldine taking over as Adar, The Witcher‘s own Yasen Atour and Nicholas Woodeson. Today we have one more cast to share and new details about the latter.

Murray McArthur joins The Rings of Power

murray mcarthur
Murray McArthur as Dim Dalba in Game of Thrones

We have learned that Murray McArthur has joined The Rings of Power Season 2 and will appear in one or more episodes directed by Charlotte Brandstrom.

His role currently remains undisclosed, but seeing his distinctive beard, he could either be a human or dwarf in The Rings of Power.

McArthur has recently appeared in supporting roles such productions as Game of Thrones, Wednesday and The Northman.

Nicholas Woodeson’s character codename revealed

Nicholas Woodeson in John Carter

One other thing we learned recently is Nicholas Woodeson‘s character codename. Codenames are given among secretive productions in order not to spoil things.

As a result, Woodeson’s character is codenamed as Quenn. That doesn’t give much away, but it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll learn Quenn’s real name very soon.

Woodeson has a lengthy acting resume consisting of such impressive projects as Skyfall, Rome, Borgen, Borgia and many more.

Rings of Power Season 2 is now in production at Bray Studios in the UK. No release date has been confirmed. If you like The Witcher too, we invite you to read or main category where we closely follow the production of Season 3 and the other spinoffs.

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