PHOTOS: The Witcher Season 3 films at a Slovenian church


Last week filming has commenced for Netflix’s The Witcher Season 3 with Henry Cavill and Freya Allan present. The filming crew was based in Kranjska Gora and filmed over a few days at Laghi di Fusine just over the Italian border. Now we can confirm that filming has moved south and today, on Monday April 4th, The Witcher is filming at the St. Jerome’s church on the top of the Nanos plateau. What’s more, we have pictures!

As you can see below, lots of smoke near the church. One can’t say much more about what’s happening because the roads leading to the location are closed. We can only guess that maybe Henry Cavill and Freya Allan are there, since they were present last week as well, but no one can say for sure at this point.

UPDATE: We have even more photos with a clear view of the church!

Also, we heard that filming there may continue until Thursday, April 7th. Perhaps another unit, or a break on Tuesday for Predjama Castle and continuing on Wednesday.

UPDATE 2: We have even more photos thanks to our reader Amonstercalls. This time we can see and deduce by the very blurry images that the three people on horseback are arriving to the structure from the side. The three people logically being Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer.

Nevertheless, this is the very first actual set picture of The Witcher Season 3!

We have a few more variations of the same picture in HI-Res. Feel free to zoom in and maybe you can see what we couldn’t.

As the cast and crew are at St. Jerome’s, the prepping crew are busy at the Predjama Castle for tomorrow’s filming. Things are getting excited and we can’t wait to see and share more!

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  1. I’m afraid it’s a bit late now but I’d say drop Lauren Hissrich, bring someone who loves the Witcher to run the show, promote Henry Cavill to a producer and follow the books. Some damage can’t be undone, Cahir is ruined, they can’t undo what they did to eskel or Vesemir, Tissaia and Vilgefortz etc but at least they can make sure they won’t ruin anyone else. There are so many great things coming, we don’t need to see Milva and Regis destroyed as well and they can fix Yennefer and focus more on the main three (and not 1000 side characters) and leave their GOT fanfiction out.

    1. 🙌 Netflix should have done that as soon as s2 came out and saw the fans reactions. But unfortunately she’s still here. The one hope is that with the negativity about s2, the other members of the production (doubtful), Netflix or Henry himself (more likely) stepped up and she won’t make so many changes in the story. She will still ruin most of the characters but hopefully not the main three and maybe she’ll tone down the screen time for the secondary characters and give this time to the three protagonists to fix their relationships. All that is wishful thinking of course. Her fights with the fans online (and the issues she chose to answer) shows that she understood nothing of the criticism.

  2. Geralt and Yennefer need to have an honest, heartbreaking conversation about everything, Yen needs to tell him about her past and Geralt that he knows how she looked like and he’d still wish for her and start healing. I can’t believe Lauren cut all their beautiful, quiet moments from the books bc there was no time for her shitty monoliths and irrelevant characters. And not only Geralt and Yennefer’s or Yennefer and Ciri but she cut Yarpen’s brilliant speech but gave us a whole story about Francesca’s pregnancy. 😖 Someone needs to remove this woman from the Witcher asap. Hope Henry Cavill will give Netflix an ultimatum if she continues to butcher his scenes. He was so unpleased with s2.

  3. More screen time for Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri and screen time together should be a no brainer. The Witcher is a character driven story and these three relationships make the whole plot. The Witcher is not about who’s gonna save the world, or sit to the Iron throne, it’s about two parents who go to great lengths and unbearable suffering to save their daughter, it’s about the girl who looses everything and everyone wants to manipulate her and what keeps her going is her love for her parents and the desire to return to them and it’s a story about three people who, the whole world has different plans for them – kill them, use them etc- but they only dream of a house and a life together.

  4. Thanks RI, I hope soon we’ll get some pictures, I can’t wait to see Geralt’s look in s3. I hope they have improved his contacts lenses from s2. The only part – look wise – I wasn’t a fan of. In some scenes they looked good and in others not. They should cgi the eyes but the cost is high. In s1 his eyes looked better though.

  5. hype hype hype. I’m really looking forward to the scenes in which Geralt Yen and Ciri work through their relationship and finally become a family. After everything that has been built up in seasons 1 and 2, I’m sure season 3 will be really epic.

  6. With the way things are right now I’m not watching s3, I’ll probably just fast forward Geralt’s scenes. Unless I hear that we got the family we deserve and all the Geralt & Yennefer moments from the books – both from toc and those they cut from previous books to make time for background characters. But I’ll keep checking this site bc it has been proven reliable and who knows? Maybe the news will be more positive for s3.

  7. * I meant I’ll just watch Geralt’s scenes. Henry nailed it as Geralt and dad Geralt became my favorite character ever.

    1. He was the best in s2. The only reminder that I was watching The Witcher. It’s obvious Henry loves his role and the books. His last scene with Roach was spot on. Geralt from the books at his best. This is what I want for all the characters. Not a 1:1 adaptation but them being true to their book selves and their relationships.

  8. I love all the news about the locations & the filming but I’ll be honest. I pray for the day you’ll report that Lauren’s role was reduced and the story will follow the books without further deviations. Even fans could do a better job in s2.

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