The Witcher Season 3 to start filming in March 2022


The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher was released last month to many different opinions from fans, and while it is still one of the top viewed series on the streamer, the work on the next season is long underway. Writing began in July 2021 and was almost complete in December. Now, it is time for the next step.

We can reveal that the pre-production for The Witcher Season 3 will finally begin in the coming weeks, this January. Filming for The Witcher Season 3 is currently planned to begin in early March 2022.

Keep in mind, though, filming dates always change so we’ll see when they truly begin. Just a few weeks ago we heard the plan was to start in February and now it’s March. There’s also the fact that they are in a new studio since they moved from Arborfield Studios to Longcross Studios, so brand new set building will also likely need some time.

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When will filming wrap? The original report said that filming would last from February until July 2022. If it’s shifted one month, then the wrap would be now in August 2022. But all that is harder to say because we’re still in a pandemic and countries are having different responses to the new Covid variant. It’s difficult to make any predictions even a few months ahead.

When will Season 3 of The Witcher be released? Assuming all goes well and the production indeed wraps in August, we have still 6-7 months of post-production which means the season would be ready for release approximately in Spring 2023.

The Witcher Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix, while Season 3 is in active development for a 2023 release. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news!

8 comments on “The Witcher Season 3 to start filming in March 2022”

  1. If the showrunners read this, more of the found family and stay true to the books – less ooc characters, politics and time spend in minor characters.

    1. Well, staying true to the books means more politics as well as better attention to side characters. And much better dialogue. The family bonding storyline, while important in the books, does not fill many pages. I wouldn’t want to see the show being reduced to a “family” fairytale like most US shows. That wouldn’t be true to the books but an oversimplification overwriting much of the content from a US mainstream viewpoint. You seem to confuse the “family” significance in the books with the main storyline in the Witcher 3 game. But it doesn’t matter. The show is already so remote form the books and games that it tells its own story, and unfortunately one which is not interesting, provides no emotional anchor points, is completely illogical and for the most part comes with terrible, meaningless dialogue. The showrunners haven’t read the books. Or they have not understood the story arcs of the main characters. Or, most likely, they just don’t care. I did not enjoy S2. When I enjoy a show, I watch it another time, maybe even for a third time. I don’t feel any inclination to watch S2 again, and I will most likely stay away from S3. I’d rather read the books again to get over that very disappointing experience S2 has served me with.

      1. Istredd, Stegobor don’t have any part in the books. Fransesca doesn’t appear in BOE, Filavander doesn’t appear at all after one short story, Dara doesn’t even exist, Tissaia and Vilgerfortz are not a thing and they are only in one chapter, Cahir is in a couple of scenes (it’s sometime since I’ve read the book), Fringilla is not at all, Jaskier is in 2 chapters. On the other hand Yarpen was a lot more and I miss him. Politics is a minor issue, a background in BOE and except from one part where the Kings meet and another one with the meeting of the mages, most of the politics and the war with the elves is shown through Geralt and Ciri’s story. The book is all about Geralt and Ciri and Yennefer and Ciri. In TOC, I agree, many of the above characters play a bigger part and I understand the writers wanted to set them up (especially with Fringilla and Cahir I had no problem bc they have to convice us that they’ll turn side later) but nothing is more important in the whole saga than the mother/ daughter relationship of Yen and Ciri. It’s what drives the rest of the series. But as you said the show doesn’t follow the books so what can we do. I just hope they give us the main family because for the rest of the series that bond is what drives Geralt and Yen to sacrifice everything for their daughetr and it’s what makes Ciri to choose them in the end. At some point they have to focus on that.

  2. Good but the question is, will they remain more faithful to the books and give us the family bonding or they’ll keep with their bad fanservice and season 3 or most likely 4 will be the last? How is the viewership of s2. Many fans were pissed with Yen’s betrayal so I’m not sure if they’ll re-watch s2 in the 30 days that Netflix counts them.

  3. I just hope Henry does not quit because of Lauren’s… vision of fanfick. It would be depressing when show gets to the most game of thrones part of Witcher for it to be ruined. I still do not have Geralt’s backstory, still no clue about destiny and law of surprise. No idea about kingdoms and why nilfgaard is an empire. I still have no clue about races in Witcher. I am worried about season 3 as they finished writing it before fans poured their criticism. good luck and bye you all

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