The Witcher Season 3: First casting rumor sheds light on filming dates


We’re just a few weeks away from the return of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia on December 17, when Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher will finally release. Behind the scenes, strings are already being pulled to get Season 3 on the way and now we have word on what exactly is going on.

Today’s news comes via reliable NSFW site Recapped, a source that has proven right countless of times in the past when it comes to The Witcher. The gist of the message is: Casting for Season 3 is already underway!

Ahead of the premiere of season 2 of The Witcher, they’re currently casting roles for season 3. The major recurring role we’ve seen is for a female actress in their 20s to play a student that is brainwashed into believing they’re someone else. Tentative dates for this role are February to July 2022.

This gives Witcher fans a lot to speculate about. Like who is the brainwashed student? At first glance the role doesn’t sound very familiar. Could this be an original character or is it someone we know from the books?

Recapped also provides a rough estimate of filming dates from February to July 2022. Six months of filming for major character sounds reasonable, provided of course we won’t have to deal with the same difficulties that plagued Season 2.

What does this mean for the Season 3 release date?

Well, If everything goes according to plan, we could see The Witcher Season 3 released roughly 8-9 months after filming wraps just like Season 1 and Season 2, which would place the Season 3 release date in Spring 2023!

Tell us if you have any theory about the new character. Season 3 is now officially on the horizon and we can’t wait to hear more about it shortly. Stay tuned!

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  1. I like these details. I think this scene may have been the work of Rience and vilgefortz. It was mentioned in The Baptism of Fire that they kidnapped women. I’m still reading the book and I think this scene is based on future events involving Rience and vilgefortz and Dijkstra’s investigations They are trying to build events that will come in the future, which I really like because they will keep the characters constantly evolving.(Sorry for my bad language)

  2. considering where the story will probably have come in season 3 it could be Shani… but I don’t understand the brainwashed part! 🤔

  3. Very interesting. I can’t think of any other than fake Ciri but maybe after we see s2 we’ll understand better. Thanks for the info RI.

  4. it is kinda sad that they cannot produce 1 season per year. HBO managed to produce 1 season of GOT per year – season that was 25% longer (10 episodes instead of 8) with better production value and much more characters & complexity

    I do not want spin-offs I want the main course

    1. I mean, there’s a bunch of reasons as to why that is, tbh?

      1) The last season of GoT took two years as far as I remember, and the last two had much shorter episode counts, for starters, so that’s one thing.

      2) GoT never shot during a pandemic! Even if things on that front have marginally improved, COVID is still out there, which means health protocols, which means you can’t shoot as fast as you’d ordinarily do.

      3) I dunno about the complexity part. Definitely true of the last seasons of GoT, with all the giant battles ‘n all, but those happened when HBO had basically given the show a blank cheque and it could throw as much money onto those scenes as it wanted. The Witcher is not there yet at all. On the other hand, in its earlier seasons, I think GoT was often less complex than The Witcher: a lot of those seasons are based on dialog and intrigue in the same few settings. Not all of it, of course, but The Witcher doesn’t have a King’s Landing homebase where a good solid 40-50% of the season happens in the same setting.

      4) Part of why GoT was able to be churned out that fact is, imo, that they cut corners. By having a writer’s room that was basically entirely down to two guys (and sometimes Bryan Cogman). By having a visual style that was entirely presentational and super low on style. And so on. The Witcher’s trying to do something a bit more “quality over quantity” (understandably, given the backlash to how GoT ended), so it’s slower.

      1. you are manipulating facts dude.

        first of all only season 8ght took 2 years to be made. All 7 were shot, produced, montage d within 12 months time so come on. Besides it was 10 episodes instead of 8.

        Pandemic argument is valid, but in my subjective opinions – if they shoot everything in one country, one studio in London it makes logistics much easier then having several crews in several countries with many AAA and AA actors (in witcher there is 1) to manage. GOT had more characters, more complex plot – much more demanding and more engaging battles as well.

        sorry, got was bigger, harder but they still pulled it off. netflix or producers need to step up their game

  5. Lots of monsters and CGI in post-production (7-9m right there). COVID protocols and quarantines and multiple locations are also a big slow-down. Could get closer to GoT speed with 1) fewer monsters/magic = less CGI and 2) fewer locations and 3) no COVID. But the 7-9m in post for CGI is hard to change.

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