Writing begins for The Witcher Season 3!


We have approximately six months until the release of The Witcher‘s second season on Netflix, and while we’re excited to meet our favorites again, we’re also excited to be looking into the future of the show. The future being the third season. While Netflix hasn’t officially announced The Witcher‘s renewal yet, it’s only just a matter of time as the work on it is already beginning.

We’ve heard from our sources that writing for Season 3 of The Witcher has finally begun very recently, despite the lack of an official announcement.

Declan de Barra, writer of The Witcher and showrunner of Blood Origin

So when will Season 3 begin filming then? Well, this is a little complicated. Henry Cavill is key here and his schedule is the solution.

In August 2021 he starts his new film called Argylle with a big stellar cast, then he will move on to Enola Holmes 2 where he plays a slightly smaller role which he may complete quicker. Neither project, though, will interfere with any Season 3 plans as the Witcher crew will be busy with The Witcher: Blood Origin from August to November/December 2021.

After that we’re only reliant on a sentence seen in the Deadline announcement of another one of the upcoming Henry Cavill projects, The Rosie Project. Deadline claimed this was expected to shoot at the beginning of 2022. On the other hand things might change and The Rosie Project might get pushed back until after Henry is done with Season 3.

On our own side, we’ve heard that they are very eager to get Season 3 underway as soon as it is possible with as few delays as they can permit.

Either way, by our estimates, we’re looking at a Q1/Q2 2022 production start for Season 3 of The Witcher. And a release inevitably in 2023 at this rate.

Looks like we’ll be getting new Witcher content for a few years still! As Nightmare of the Wolf, filming of Blood Origin and the release of Season 2 approach, we’re excited for more. Stay tuned!

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  1. Daro and Eels take 3, here we go

    but honestly let us pray there is season 3, for Henry and Jaskier guy and Djikstra

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