Henry Cavill added a scene to The Witcher without permission, and it worked!


The main star of Netflix’s The Witcher is known to be an avid fan of The Witcher franchise including the games as well as the books. And like any avid fan, he is also an advocate for a faithful adaptation, even when sometimes it isn’t possible. In a new Polish interview with Marcin Zwierzchowski, Henry Cavill reveals that he once just went in front of a camera and performed dialogue straight from the books that wasn’t in the script:

“There is a fragment right at the beginning of Blood of Elves where Geralt loses consciousness on Sodden Hill. Geralt experiences a vision at the moment and talks to Death. Then, beautiful words are uttered about crossing the meadow and the fog,” Cavill begins, talking about a scene that happens not really in Blood of Elves, but rather at the end of Something More.

“There was no such scene in the series”, he continues, “And these words captivated me with their poetry, they were so wonderfully “Sapkowski” that I wanted them to be spoken by my Geralt. However, I did not feel like having long discussion about whether I could add this bit somewhere. So I just did it, said the words in front of the camera, and was ready to face the consequences. Eventually, this issue hit the mark in Season 2.”

Cavill continues that while he can discuss with the writers some of his overall issues, after he gets the scripts, there is no altering the overall plot if it isn’t faithful enough for him. So he can only make some minor changes to the scripts:

“As far as my issues are concerned, a lot of meetings took place. On the other hand, I often just fiddled with dialogues, sitting in an armchair, while my make-up was applied.”

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10 comments on “Henry Cavill added a scene to The Witcher without permission, and it worked!”

  1. Omg I love him!!! That was a favorite scene of mine and I can’t believe there wasn’t in the original script. What were they thinking? Thank gods Mr cavill loves his stuff so much! This scene will be a stand out, I know. I wish HC had a more active role as a producer. He loves the original material more than the writing team.

  2. This is why Henry is the best choice of Geralt!!! Make him the showrunner already and let Lauren move to the family friendly Witcher.

  3. He has my respect. This man as Geralt was truly a gift. But the real question is who was idiot enough to cut such a great dialogue from the script? That makes me anxious, ngl. Some writing decisions were the problem in s1 (the brokilon, the last wish etc), I hope Henry corrected them as much as possible in s2 and they listen to him every time, especially after seeing the fans reactions for s1.

  4. It is not great, it only shows that they actually thought about changing Henry for other actor. Now I understand why, he actually read books, played games and can comprehend the world. Writers simply cannot grasp it, showrunner wants to prove a point that she can outsmart Sapkowski but I fear that every scene outside books is gonna be dull, lazy and forced

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