The Witcher may add a controversial element to Geralt and Triss’ relationship in Season 2


Ever since the third episode of the first season, fans of The Witcher have been wondering which route the writers would take with Geralt and Triss, a rather short and insignificant fling in the books, but a subject of some controversy fired up by CDPR’s game trilogy where Triss is Geralt’s main love interest for the first two games and an optional love interest in the third. The image from the Season 2 teaser we can see above once again sparked some discussions and recently we were able to get some answers.

Spoilers, obviously

Our sources say that a sex scene between Geralt and Triss may indeed happen in Kaer Morhen in the first half Season 2 of The Witcher. Geralt is still unaware of Yennefer‘s real fate and presumes her dead, killed at Sodden. It is described to us as a bonding scene with them talking heart to heart about things and then ending up in bed.

In Chapter Three of Blood of Elves, at Kaer Morhen Triss does hug Geralt after they have a conversation, and says she wouldn’t let him be alone:

“He made for the stairs quickly, but the enchantress was up in a flash and threw herself at him, embracing him. ‘You are not leaving here alone’ she whispered. ‘I won’t let you be alone. Not right now’.”

One could look at this scene in many ways, but it is generally understood and accepted among many readers that nothing really happened between the two at that time as this moment isn’t referred to again. One could say that Netflix is taking this scene a step or two further.

And here is the speculation part: in all of this, we aren’t sure if Triss knows that Yennefer is alive and simply chooses to withhold that information for obvious reasons. It wouldn’t be surprising if she did, given Triss is, after all, Triss.

Triss taking advantage of the situation to get close to Geralt wouldn’t be exactly new. In the books it is mentioned that once upon a time the two had a fling, with the sorceress using some magic to seduce Geralt. Then in the first game when Geralt has amnesia, Triss withholds any information about Geralt’s true love of many years and gets close to the witcher.

That way, the Netflix version could end up being oddly familiar to many since it would mirror both the books and the games: Triss and Geralt have sex in Kaer Morhen, while Geralt is separated from Yennefer, presuming her dead.

But worry not, Geralt and Yennefer will certainly be reunited before Season 2 ends as both were spotted on set last year:

Truth be told, it’s surprising that this rather small element from the books is made bigger in the show so it will be interesting to find out the reasons behind the decision to bring this fling forward and put it in the present day.

That said, it’s not the first time that little things were brought forward and given a larger role. For instance, Filavandrel had only one brief appearance beyond one short story in the books and on Netflix he is set to become a series regular with an appearance in the Nightmare of the Wolf anime.

Season 2 of The Witcher is fast approaching on December 17, with Blood Origin sometime next year and Season 3 starting production in early 2022.

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  1. It’s not something that I didn’t see it coming but still no. I hope they handle it well and not turn the series into a love triangle. The Witcher is all about family and Geralt always thinks of Yen.

      1. I don’t understand the information used in this article. I read the books (English version) multiple times and never have I seen a suggestion that Triss has seduced Geralt with magic. In Blood of Elves they nearly had sex but Triss held back and gave Geralt good advice (which was to contact Yen who could help Ciri with her nightmares/gift). Triss only helped him and held back her own urges and interests for the good of Ciri. Maybe my interpretation is different but personally I have never seen a reason to think Triss seduced Geralt with magic while withholding information about Yen.

      2. It is stated in the books that Triss and Geralt had a quick fling at a time he and Yen where at odds but that happened sometime before the events of the saga.

        From Blood of Elves Chapter Two: “… she had seduced the witcher – with the help of a little magic. She had hit on a propitious moment, a moment when he and Yennefer had scratched at each other’s eyes yet again and had abruptly parted. Geralt had needed warmth and had wanted to forget.

  2. I can’t see how Triss can know that Yennefer is alive so the speculation part is very doubtious.
    And there is one other important things that the article missed: In the show, Triss has no idea that Yen and Geralt know each other so the situation will be completly different than in Books and games.

  3. I don’t find it so surprising. In fact is something i considered and thought about. Remember that the chronology of how Geralt and Triss met is changed in the show so that fling that happens in the books could never have happened here but i still think is something that needed to be explored because i don’t think is an insignificant event.
    It informs the character of Triss and how she interacts with Geralt, so it makes sense that they would do something like that.

  4. I love how somehow everybody is on Yen’s side although it was rather clear she forced Geralt to go away, literally. In the books she is actually pretty cruel, now with lauren she is gonna be like that girl is star wars everybody hates – she bypassed the compressor one.

    My opinion – go Jerry grab that redhead arse for kingdom and glory!

    p.s. by the way triss actress is way more attractive than yen actress

  5. There’s no controversy to it at all. I agree that: Triss wouldn’t necessarily know anything more about Yen’s fate than anyone else; as far as we know from what has been shown, Triss moreover doesn’t know anything about Yen and Geralt yet; Yen pretty much said goodbye to Geralt the last time they saw each other; Yen is likely to be presumed dead by everyone. The only aspect of it that could be seen as ‘controversial’ is the fact that in the books, this is purposefully left way more ambiguous and possibly, the show will afterwards incline more to creating a cliche love triangle well known from soap operas: first ‘true’ lover seems to die -> a proxy is found, usually someone close to the first ‘true’ lover -> the first ‘true’ lover shows up eventually -> the proxy turns into a hated and unwanted obstacle for the ‘true love in the end’ climax -> the ‘true love in the end’ climax happens anyway, as everyone knows the whole time.

    But the book and game Witcher version of the love triangle isn’t this. It’s much more about a toxic and realistically complicated and complex relationship between Yen and Geralt, who hurt each other almost on daily basis. And at some point, Triss becomes a part of this. Yes, she can also be manipulative, precisely as Yen. Relationships aren’t easy and neither are they always fair.

  6. I think the narrative in the TV series will be laid out such that Triss doesn’t know that Yennefer is alive, or even has reason to assume that she is dead. In the books, Triss herself is wrongly assumed to have died in the battle of Sodden for some time, her name even being engraved in the monument for the deceased. However, in the books, Triss knows that Yennefer is alive. But actually, the affair that Triss may possibly have with Geralt is not considered significant in the books. In the books, Geralt has more intensive relationships with other ladies than Triss and Yennefer, sorceresses included. Yet he always thinks of Yennefer and cannot let go of her.

  7. Did they have to go that way? Did they? I guess they did but I still hate it. At least I hope they won’t make it a bigger deal than it is in the books and the reason they chose to go with that is bc it will impact Triss later and her relationship with Yen and her involvement with the Lodge and not for a silly love triangle or to drag Geralt and Yen’s reunion. Perhaps later Triss will choose to side with Geralt against the lodge unlike in the books? Anyway…
    Just give us Geralt and Yen and the family for God’s sake. That what the books are all about and we hardly got them in s1.

  8. I doubt they’ll have Triss seducing Geralt like in the books. Probably they’ll both think that Yen is dead. Also, so far none of them knows the relationship Yen has with the other, although, they’ll probably meet at sodden Hill so they might find out. But most importantly, so far in the show we have no sign that Triss is Yen’s best friend. They know e/o from Aretuza, like most mages more or less but they showed us no particular friendship between them. Just a line that Triss was trying to contact Yen for years but nothing more, if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully this season will give the characters and their relationships more attention. S1 tried to do so much in so little time and it lacked in that department. I hope s2 can fix it.

  9. If we don’t get the “I had a reason to scream so I screamed” scene in s3 there will be riot.

  10. There is a bit I find curious in the books about Triss. In the beginning part of Blood of Elves, when Triss travels to Kaer Morhen, it is mentioned that Triss had been there before, as otherwise she wouldn’t have found the way. When she is greeted by Vesemir, it becomes clear that they have met long ago as she tells him to let his hand go off the best part of her back since she is no longer the little girl that he had known before. That is hinting at some backstory but the reader never learns anything about it. Which is kind of strange, knowing that Sapkowski has regularly dropped such fragmentary remarks about the characters to later come back to them with more revelations, often with a surprising twist. I am unaware of any more in the books telling why Triss has met Vesemir a long time before or why she has been to Kaer Morhen before. It doesn’t seem a natural or likeable place for a girl or even a young sorceress to go to. Had Vesemir brought her there for some reason? This is all quite mysterious. Perhaps Sapkowski had been planning on building more backstory for Triss but then abandoned the idea. On occasions like that, the series could use the freedom left in a character’s backstory to expand on the book material, but it seems that if changes from or expansions to the books are made, then precisely not at such points.

    1. There are some bits in BoE mentioning previous visits of Triss to Kaer Morhen. Apparently, the motivation was to help the Witchers with magical issues. That seems to have included magic healing. The connection might have been built up through a relation between Vesemir and Triss who seem to have met when Triss was still a young girl, but that background is not explained beyond sketchy allusions. I think it is fair to speculate that Vesemir could somehow have been the one who first recognized Triss’ magical talent and induced her to Aretuza. Then, Triss clearly had a keen interest in learning more about the Witcher potions, mostly those used for their mutations. She mentions that she was not very optimistic on that end though, since the Witchers themselves knew little as Vesemir was basically a swordmaster and not particularly trained in potions, and that she suspects that they wouldn’t allow her to see what was still left there and of value concerning knowledge about potions, like notes and samples. During one of those visits, apparently Geralt and Triss had a brief romance, at a time when Geralt and Yennefer once again had split up.

  11. Poor Triss. If rumors will turn out true that Eskel gets killed in Season 2, she doesn’t even have that shoulder to lean on (as in Season of Storms) once Geralt finally decides for Yennefer. Then only Philippa Eilhart remains…a difficult relationship, by all means.

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