The Witcher casts Downton Abbey actor Kevin Doyle


Henry Cavill and the other stars of Netflix’s fantasy epic The Witcher are currently in their final weeks of filming for the upcoming second season, that is expected to debut later this year. While principal photography is nearing completion, new details are still trickling through, whether it be filming reports such as the recently shot action scene in a Nilfgaardian stronghold or confirmation that Louise Hooper is directing episodes 6 and 7 of the new season.

Today’s news concerns the ever-expanding cast of The Witcher. We can happily confirm that British actor Kevin Doyle has landed a part in season two. Doyle is well known for playing Mr. Molesley, a likeable but somewhat clumsy valet in ITV’s Downton Abbey. Other than that, he has had a successful career as both a screen and stage actor, appearing in series such as The Tudors, and Happy Valley as well as numerous plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In season two of The Witcher, he will portray a character named Ba’Lian.

Kevin Doyle as Molesley in Downton Abbey

While there is close to nothing we know about this character, who did not appear in the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, we checked in with our sources and from what we heard, he must have filmed very recently, thus likely appearing in one of the latter episodes of the season. Take this with a grain of salt though, as the team hasn’t filmed the entirety of season two chronologically.

It’s nice to see such a versatile actor and a familiar face joining the Witcher family. We’re intrigued to find out more about his role. Who is Ba’Lian? Tells us what you make of this news in the comments below or on our twitter page.

3 comments on “The Witcher casts Downton Abbey actor Kevin Doyle”

  1. I’m happy that so many talented people have joined The Witcher family but I really have no idea what is happening in s2. I can’t wait for s2 to hit our screen.

  2. By the looks of him i would say Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen, maybe that other name is just a code name.

  3. He could have played marshal Menno Coehoorn but as always they decide to do weird stuff like that and introduce new stupidly named characters ;). At the very least Menno Coehoorn was introduced in Blood of Elves nad this second season SUPPOSEDLY adapts that book…you remember that, netflix team, anyone?

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