The Witcher is filming an action sequence in a Nilfgaardian stronghold


March has come and we are now in the final few weeks of Netflix’s production of The Witcher Season 2. Last time we reported that The Witcher was filming a major action sequence that involves elves. We also knew that some of the Nilfgaardian cast have been filming lately and suggested that the empire could also be involved. Now we know for sure.

It appears that some of the action revolves around a Nilfgaardian stronghold or a castle. This is not a real castle somewhere in the UK, but a set that was entirely built by the extremely talented and hard-working crew at Arborfield Studios, so big props to them.

Perhaps this Nilfgaardian set is a part of the massive town lot that has been under construction since October/November 2019 and one part of it was built as a Nilfgaardian location, while others could accommodate scenes from Oxenfurt, Gors Velen and others. Or perhaps the location could even be Nilfgaardian-held Cintra.

Like we have been reporting lately, both Eamon Farren (Cahir) and Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla) have been present lately on set as well as Tom Canton (Filavandrel), Mecia Simson (Francesca) and Kaine Zajaz (Gage) along with a good number of extras and stuntpeople.

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It’s hard to say what this storyline exactly is, but it will certainly be curious to watch it unfold when the season is finally released this year.

The Witcher Season 2 is currently in its final weeks of production for a release later this year. Stay tuned for more news!

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  1. I have it. All this weird things are, they make story about capturing Ciri. First is chance they will have Ciri from Yennefer, but at the end they finnished with fake Ciri in a Nilfgaardian´s stronghold.

  2. If they are actually ADAPTING books instead of doing their own thing, it might be simply a book scene from nilfgaardian occupied Cintra, from Blood of Elves:

    “The man paused at the window and stood there for a long while gazing at the hills drenched in rain. Coehoorn waited, restlessly clenching and unclenching his fist around the pommel of his sword. He was afraid he would be forced to listen to a long monologue. The marshal knew that the man standing at the window considered his monologues a conversation, and viewed conversation as a privilege and proof of trust. He knew this, but still didn’t like listening to the monologues.

    ‘How do you find the country, Governor? Have you grown to like your new province?’
    He shuddered, taken unawares. He did not expect the question. But he did not ponder the answer for long. Insincerity and indecisiveness could cost him a great deal.

    ‘No, your Highness. I haven’t. That country is so … gloomy.’

    ‘It was different once,’ the man replied without looking round. ‘And it will be different again. You will see. You will still see a beautiful, happy Cintra, Coehoorn. I promise you. But don’t be saddened, I shan’t keep you here long. Someone else will take over the governorship of the province. I’ll be needing you in Dol Angra. You’ll leave immediately once the rebellion is quashed. I need someone responsible in Dol Angra. Someone who will not allow himself to be provoked. The merry widow of Lyria or Demawend . . . will want to provoke us. You’ll take the young officers in hand. Cool their hot heads. You will let yourselves be provoked only when I give the order. No sooner.’

    ‘Yes, sir!’ ”

    But of course I bet they’ll invent a load of crappy scenes unnecessary for the plot and only taking up time from other more important plot points.

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