Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series casts a group of warlords

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Amazon’s unnamed Lord of the Rings show is perhaps one of the most ambitious and anticipated upcoming fantasy series. At the same time, it is also one of the most confidential, with few details making it to the public as the streaming giant is keeping things as tight as possible. Last December, Amazon finally revealed 20 new cast members, following up on the first cast announcement from way back in January 2020. At the time of writing, no roles have been officially disclosed, even though it’s been speculated for quite some time that Morfydd Clark will portray a younger Galadriel.

In the past, we’ve occasionally reported on the project based on a few of our finds, including pieces of information on the start of production, audition videos, and new cast members. It’s been a while since our last update but today we can share a few interesting tidbits we’ve stumbled upon recently.

As per his CV, New Zealand actor and model Aidan Veltsman is set to play a Warlord in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings. To be clear, this is probably a very limited role, sort of like a background part in all likelihood. However, the description in itself is interesting given how little we know about the plot of the show so far.

Aidan Veldsman’s credits listing Amazon’s Lord of the Rings (in the last line)

After some more digging, we found two other actors, mentioning a warlord part for an ‘Upcoming Fantasy TV Show (Amazon)‘ in their credits. Both Tasman Lindsay and Kate Richardson. are locals from New Zealand, where the show has been holed up over the past year, filming and waiting for Covid to pass.

Tasman Lindsay’s credits
Kate Richardson’s credits

This makes it all but certain, that we’ll see a group of warlords at some point in the first season. What part they are to play and how they will figure into the plots is anybody’s best guess at this point. As the show is set in the Second Age of Tolkien’s legendarium and potentially covers a vast span of time, they could be local belligerents in one of the various conflicts the island kingdom of Númenor waged to colonize large parts of Middle Earth. Of course, there are also other possibilities and any definitive answer will likely have to wait until the first season airs.

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