EXCLUSIVE: New Nilfgaardian armour in The Witcher finally revealed!


In May 2019 we were able to reveal the Nilfgaardian armour that would be featured in the first season of The Witcher that was then in production. The story blew up, people had all kinds of opinions and one and a half years and a new costume designer later, we can finally reveal the brand new Nilfgaardian armour, which is significantly different than the previous one.

Captured at Fountain Abbey by professional photographer Terry Blackburn, we can see Eamon Farren as Cahir rocking his new black and golden armour set:

As you can see, Cahir is not alone. Top Nilfgaardian sorceress Fringilla Vigo, played by Mimi Ndiweni is with him and she also has a very intricate new costume.

The scene above is very interesting, but before we get to speculating, there’s one more thing that we want to reveal. Stay tuned for that!

11 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: New Nilfgaardian armour in The Witcher finally revealed!”

    1. i mean, in all fairness… they probably didn;t have the money to make realistic armor for a few hundred soldiers. most of their budget money more than likely went toward CGI and Henry Cavill’s paycheck… it was probably easier to make, and MUCH more cost efficient. thankfully… Netflix threw some real money at this season, so everything seems much improved.

  1. It looks so much better! And it’s got the iconic wings!

    And Fringilla’s dress is gorgeous, and very striking against the actress’s dark skin tone. There must be a gap of some time, because she’s got enough hair for a bun.

  2. now we talking, much, much better. you could argue about no protection for thighs but I am happy with what I see.

    1) stupid armor check
    2) stupid eels ???

    1. Yes, I hope they for example show a former Aretuza student who was supposed to have been turned to eel working as a lawyer somewhere in the 2nd season. And it being explained the eel thing was just an illusion to influence other students or something.

  3. Lord Almighty! This looks way better than ballsack flop from season 1. Hope other costumes will be improve as well!

  4. So good!
    Lets hope they got rid of midichlorians aka magical eels
    And let’s hope they don’t hire midgets to play dwarfs again! Gosh – dwarves are not short humans with medical condition! Would it be so hard to just copy what Peter Jackson did perfectly?

  5. thank… GOD!!! ALL LAST SEASON, I kept saying… “where are the feathers? where are the ******* feathers?!” it was only ciri’s most iconic description of that armor… it was bad enough it looked like, well, we all know what last season’s armor looked like. And I get it…. most of that money went toward Henry Cavill’s salary and the CGI… I’m just happy Netflix realized this show was going to have a rabid following, and decided to put some real money into it.

    In fact, based on the trailer, everything looks as though it’s going to see a huge improvement from the first season. I can’t wait!!!

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