The Witcher Season 2 filming in two locations in Northern England


Filming continues for the second season of The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), and Freya Allan (Ciri). In the past two weeks, Netflix has taken the Witcher crew to several locations across Northern England, including lakes and caverns in the Lake District and waterfalls in County Durham and the Yorkshire Dales. Today, we have more news, including an update from yesterday’s location in Gordale Scar and an all-new location visited by the crew today: Plumpton Rocks near Harrogate.

Gordale Scar, Malham

Looking down into Gordale Scar.  Picture: Bruce Rollinson. Technical details: Nikon D4, 17-35mm f2.8, 1.3 sec @ f13, 100asa.
Gordale Scar, picture credited to Bruce Rollinson via The Yorkshire Post

Yesterday, we reported that the Witcher crew had relocated from the High and Low Force Waterfalls in County Durham (where we got some excellent pictures of Yennefer and Ciri filming together) to the town of Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. We were told that the crew would film near the beautiful Gordale Scar.

After prepping the location and doing rehearsals on Wednesday, the crew began filming the following day near the cliffside waterfall. Though few locals were able to get close to the location, we were sent a few photos courtesy of local Graeme Rigby. Thanks, Graeme!

According to this generous onlooker, the crew were filming in Gordale Scar, and the crew’s security were also guarding equipment at Janet’s Foss (another possible location near Malham). As is always the case with The Witcher, there were a lot of crew members and security personnel on location. The local added: “I think it’s what, in the trade, they call a 1,000 Bacon Sandwich Shoot. Plus whatever the Americans are having. Maybe a wrap.”

Sadly, we can’t quite see any cast members in these pictures. If you see anyone here, do tell us in the comment section or on our Twitter account (a game we like to call “Where’s Geraldo?”). Take a look at more photos from this location and the nearby Janet’s Foss waterfall in yesterday’s article, linked below.

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Plumpton Rocks, Harrogate

Plumpton Rocks, image via Muddy Boots Mummy

While filming continues in Yorkshire, The Witcher crew has also taken to a second location near the town of Harrogate. The Plumpton Rocks are a unique rock formation near a beautiful lake in Northern England. We have very little knowledge of the filming there, as the crew has only recently arrived at the site. While we are waiting for information, enjoy the beauty of yet another location that will grace our screens when The Witcher‘s second season airs on Netflix next summer.

The beautiful rock formation, image via Carl Milner
Plumpton Rocks, image via Muddy Boots Mummy

That’ll be all for today’s filming updates unless, of course, we’ll find more. Make sure to take a look at the excellent pictures featuring Yennefer and Ciri in their costumes, and don’t miss out on today’s news roundup (including two new cast members and a high-quality picture of elves in costume from the filming in February). And, as always, follow our Twitter account to stay updated on all things Witcher.

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  1. In one way it’s a shame that mainland continental Europe couldn’t be used as the source material for the books is Polish but the pandemic made things (well travelling far) difficult. The English Lake district is very attractive. It’s just a pity that October in England has been more wet and miserable than sunny and cheerful this year (I live in England but not in the Lake District).

    1. Thanks for the tip! If you have any more information about filming in that location we’d be happy to hear from you via our website’s contact page or a direct message on our twitter account

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