An unexpected character is returning to The Witcher Season 2


It’s been a busy week for Netflix’s The Witcher. We reported about a curious action scene being filmed at Kaer Morhen involving Henry Cavill’s Geralt, Freya Allan’s Ciri along with many new witchers and we followed that up with a report about a number of female characters involved in that storyline as well. Today we have something that surprised us a fair bit.

Redanian Intelligence has learned that Danica, played by Imogen Daines, will return to the second season of The Witcher and will appear in one of its first episodes directed by Stephen Surjik.

To remind you, Danica is the sex worker who Geralt is with in the beginning of the third episode of the first season and she’s examining the monster slayer’s scars.

Imogen Daines as Danica with Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher S01E03

The return of such a minor character is quite unexpected and it’s unclear how Danica would fit in any of the storylines of Season 2. To put the timeline into context, the scene we saw in the series had occurred before Ciri was born and the current timeline is many years after that. Perhaps we’ll see a flashback to a time when Geralt used to be her most loyal client back in the day.

A different possibility is that Danica is indeed old and she will appear in the same storyline as Anna, who was described as “a fierce sex worker who joins a group of soldiers that she isn’t afraid to boss around”.

Last time, we suggested that a group of sex workers could possibly find themselves in Kaer Morhen for an unknown reason and the “group of soldiers” mentioned in the casting call could in fact be the witchers. Perhaps since Danica is older, she has risen in the ranks over the years and is now the madam of these girls.

Keep an eye on our upcoming analysis of whatever might be happening at Kaer Morhen in The Witcher Season 2.

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  1. Unexpected. It could be a flashback but we’ll see. I admit, I’m very anxious about s2 and I used to be far more positive before all these infos. But you never know. We can be pleasantly surprised. I’m confident Cavill will portray Geralt perfectly once again and if they’ll dig more to his past, that alone will worth it for me. That and the appearance of his fellow witchers.

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