The Witcher key cast members return to film Season 2

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After pausing for months due to COVID-19, production on the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher is in full swing again, with lead Henry Cavill and other cast members filming a crucial fight scene last week and an unexpected character return, leading to much speculation among the fans.

The coming weeks promise even more action as several key cast members from season one return to film at The Witcher‘s headquarters Arborfield Studios and possibly on location at a later time.

Among the actors who announced their return is Sabrina actress Therica Wilson-Read, last seen battling Anya’s Chalotra’s Yennefer, while under the influence of a malignant worm-parasite. We hope Sabrina survived her fall from the tower without sustaining any lasting injuries but as they say, the heroes of Sodden get the only best of treatments.

Also back is Royce Pierreson, who portrays Yennefer’s erstwhile lover Istredd. It will be interesting to see which turn Istredd’s story will take in Season two as in the books he only appears in the short-story A Shard of Ice. We certainly wish him happy digging on his quest to find out more about the Continent’s forgotten history.

Most will have missed it but Dara actor Wilson Radjou-Pujalte is also back to film for The Witcher. A few days ago, he published a story on his Instagram account, wearing a familiar-looking badge. Owing to it’s signature wolf head and the letters MM (short for Mysterious Monsters), we can identify this badge as the one worn by every cast and crew member working on season two. We don’t know anything about Dara’s upcoming arc but our best guess is that he may join the Scoia’tael, a new and important elven guerilla movement.

That’s all for now but we are sure that more actors will announce their return to the set in the coming days. Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence for all things Witcher!

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