The Witcher is casting a hardened killer for Season 2


Netflix’s The Witcher resumes filming very soon after a long hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Pre-production is underway with Henry Cavill and Freya Allan arriving to the studio to prepare for filming that will last until February 2021. Now, it seems, casting has resumed as well.

This is an audition tape for a mysterious character named just “D” in the tape. D is a hardened and experienced man, who is no stranger to killing. The actor’s name is Edward Rowe (thanks to our reader Valibomba for the tip). Take a look before it’s taken down (it was taken down very very quickly, but thanks to @TheWitcherAR we have a copy):

Here is the transcription:

Man: “I’m sorry, D. I don’t know what happened.”
D: “You fell asleep on you watch, that’s what happened. You made it through your first battle without shitting your kacks, you’ve earned a night’s rest.”
Man: “Does is ever get easier?
D: “Staying awake?
Man: “Killing.”
D: “When you were a boy and your father sent you to plow the field, your hands hurt first, didn’t they? Then the blisters, callus and the ache moved to your back, then you got strong and the ache moved to your head to the everyday monotony of putting your blade to the ground and tilling the never-ending roads of dirt. Killing is no different than any other job. The trick is to know that the difficulty never goes away. It just migrates, becomes a duller kind of hurt. One you can learn to ignore.”

So who is Mr. D? One guess could be Rience. Fits the age, fits the vibe, but one never knows. D could be an entirely new character as well. One possible giveaway could be his codename: D. Most of the time characters are codenamed after the first letter of their real name. Dijkstra was codenamed David, but this can’t be him. Rience, however, was codenamed Richard, so it may not be him either.

Curious little audition today. Redanian Intelligence will keep watching.

7 comments on “The Witcher is casting a hardened killer for Season 2”

  1. Seems interesting. Maybe Rience or one of the Michelets brothers or could be a new character. Idk, I love the casting for season 2 much more than the season 1 casting (apart from the three main, Jaskier Calanthe, Tissaia and few more), especially all the witchers.

  2. Hmm (in Geralt’s voice) Dijkstra? Rience? Someone new? Now I need Philippa and I’ll be officially excited. S2 already sounds better than s1. Maybe they learned from the criticism.

  3. Give us more scenes with Geralt and Yennefer next season and properly explore Geralt and Ciri father/daughter dynamic and stop bringing new characters or expand one off characters from the books that take unecessery screen time. The show is about Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer family. Thank you!

  4. Bring back that assassin with the beast at his command. He was powerful and fearful.
    I wish also you include a full story from the video game where Geralt had to investigate and deal with a coven/cult of witches that hunted and killed children. That was so disturbing but an amazing experience.

  5. If they don’t follow the books scene to scene I hope they include Geralt investigating and fighting monsters. That was the best part from s1. Maybe some monsters from the games. I’d like to see G.O.D.

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