Netflix confirms The Witcher’s new cast: Francesca, Nivellen, Eskel and more


Netflix has recently started filming the second season of their Henry Cavill hit, The Witcher, and a casting breakdown suggested many new characters will join the fray. Now, Netflix has finally announced a slate of new actors, including Game of Thrones‘ alum Kristofer Hivju and many others.

Mecia Simson cast as Francesca

Francesca is a powerful Elven sorceress described as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Francesca is tall, intelligent, powerful and “would do anything to protect her child”. In the books, she ends up taking leadership among the elves and is one of the Continent’s most prominent political players. Netflix has cast a top model in the role, and we’re excited to see what Simson brings to the role.

Kristofer Hivju cast as Nivellen

You probably know about this casting by now, but once again: Nivellen is a man who has committed a terrible sin, and was cursed as a result. He is the centerpiece of the short story A Grain of Truth, a parody of The Beauty and the Beast, and you should expect to seem him with the head of a bear in the season two premiere, where he will host Geralt and Ciri in his mansion.

Hivju is well known for his portrayal of Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones.

The Witchers of Kaer Morhern

Thue Ersted Rasmussen has been cast as Eskel, a witcher who appears in the books and games and is a close friend of Geralt’s. Rasmussen is a Danish actor, and not the first time The Witcher peruses international talent.

As previously announced Yasen Atour will portray the witcher Coen, who helps Geralt train Ciri in the books. Coen is described as follows: “A warrior type. Deadly with a sword. Charged with training a young apprentice. Easy-going and fun.”

Paul Bullion will play the third and final young witcher, Lambert. “A tall, sharp-tongued warrior. Inclined to give in to pleasures like food, sex and booze but trustworthy.”

The actor who will portray Vesemir has not been announced.

Aisha Fabienne Ross cast as Lydia

Lydia is a sorceress close to the mage Vilgefortz. She is described as follows: “Dark hair, almond eyes. Bears the scars from an experiment gone wrong. Secretary and Assistant to the Master. Carries out a horrible deed.” Lydia will appear in two episodes.

Agnes Born cast as Vereena

Vereena will appear in the first episode as part of the Nivellen storyline. This is a role that required physical experience, as she will be involved in a fight scene. “Beautiful, fragile and vulnerable on the outside. When threatened, she is capable of brutal violence. There’s something animalistic about her.”

But that’s not all…

These new additions are not the full list of new cast members coming in season two. Vesemir and Dijkstra are notably missing despite appearing on the leaked casting sheet, as is the famed sorceress Philippa Eilhart (which we hope has not been cut or delayed to a future season).

In other news, The Wrap has been able to confirm returning cast members from season one, including our favorite dwarf Yarpen.

Returning cast include MyAnna Buring as Tissaia, Tom Canton as Filavandrel, Lilly Cooper as Murta, Jeremy Crawford as Yarpen Zigrin, Eamon Farren as Cahir, Mahesh Jadu as Vilgefortz, Terrence Maynard as Artorius, Lars Mikkelsen as Stregobor, Mimi Ndiweni as Fringilla Vigo, Royce Pierreson as Istredd, Wilson Radjou-Pujalte as Dara, Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold and Therica Wilson Read as Sabrina.

Obviously, Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), Freya Allan (Ciri) and Joey Batey (Jaskier) will return as leads.

The Wrap has also confirmed the show’s director lineup which we have previously announced, revealing which episodes they will direct. Stephen Surjik (Umbrella Academy) will direct the Episodes 201 and 202, Sarah O’Gorman (Cursed) for Episodes 203 and 204, Ed Bazalgette (The Last Kingdom) for Episodes 205 and 208, and Geeta Patel (Meet The Patels) for Episodes 206 and 207.

201: Stephen Surjik
202: Stephen Surjik
203: Sarah O’Gorman
204: Sarah O’Gorman
205: Ed Bazalgette
206: Geeta Patel
207: Geeta Patel
208: Ed Bazalgette

“The reaction to season one of The Witcher set a high bar for adding new talent for the second season,” showrunner  Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said in a statement to The Wrap. “Sophie Holland and her casting team have once again found the very best people to embody these characters, and in the hands of these accomplished directors, we’re excited to see these new stories come to life.”

The Witcher season two is filming now and will release in 2021.

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  1. But what about polish filming locations? It will be ridiculous
    If the producers completely skip the Witcher’s homeland in the second season 🙁

  2. Hey Eskel there you are, I feared for a moment they may cut you out 🙂 he is mentioned to be close to Geralt, his childhood friend plus similar to him like a brother so it even fits. The Vereena casting choice is nice as well, as for the rest, hmmm I would say Aisha Fabienne would be better Francesca, dye her blond and she will pass for the most beautiful elven woman in the world, plus almond eyes are actually one of elven characteristics (for a top model Mecia Simson looks more…plain that would be my first impression), but hey one can’t have everything it seems ;). Dara is back *groan* oh no not again, Stregobor sigh he probably will stuff his nose where he shouldn’t again, Artorius, of course eh the Murta who the hell is that I wonder.

  3. Francesca is “protective towards her child” ??! What child?!
    Francesca is childless!

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