The Witcher casts Francesca’s brother in Season 2


During the week we had news that Netflix’s The Witcher would be adding Francesca Findabair and her brother to its cast. On Friday there was a big announcement that included seven names who would join Henry Cavill in the new series. Francesca was there, but not her brother. Luckily, we know who it is.

Young British actor Kaine Zajaz will be playing Gage, Francesca’s brother in The Witcher. Gage, codenamed “Gary”, is described as a rotund bruiser with raven eyes. He has youthful exuberance and comic warmth. Gage is dependent on his sister’s leadership for survival. He will appear in four episodes of the new season.

Kaine Zajas at the premiere of ‘Rocks’

Zajaz has appeared in such TV series as Raised by Wolves, Hang Ups and Informer as well as in the 2019 film Rocks. He has been filming in the beginning of the week in Surrey woods along with Tom Canton (Filavandrel) and Mecia Simson (Francesca). Kaine shared a few pictures at the time:

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Tom Canton also shared pictures from the set of the Elven camp:

We’re excited to have finally learned the first batch of the new cast and we’re always hungry for more! We will keep watching out for more cast as the production continues.

3 comments on “The Witcher casts Francesca’s brother in Season 2”

  1. 4 episodes? Are they insane? For a new character? And then they go “We didn’t have time for…”.

  2. Overcomplicating simple things I see no value in adding ‘Francesca brother’ but it seems they will try to build much bigger arch for elves, truth be told I expected Francesca at all for third season or so, we’ll see but this only means too much time will be taken away from more story vital stuff so he and other original storylines will get more attention.

    1. The story is a big mess at this point. No time to develop characters we already know, no time to tell the story in a captivating way, just pushing forward. It sad but I think we’re gonna get the same rushed storytteling without soul.

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