An Army of Elves is filming for The Witcher Season 2 (Exclusive)


The second season of Netflix’s fantasy hit The Witcher began filming earlier this month. While stars Henry Cavill and Freya Allan trained with The Witcher‘s new stunt team, Anya Chalotra joined the crew for a location shoot just outside of London. We have now uncovered exciting details about the shoot at Dorking, including exclusive pictures of the film site and extras in costume as The Continent’s fearsome Elven guerillas: the Scoia’tael.

Not long ago, it was revealed that the new season is introducing an important Elven character from the novels: Francesca Findabair. For those unfamiliar with Francesca, she is an incredibly powerful Elven sorceress described as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Francesca eventually becomes the leader of a faction of Elves associated with King Filavandrel (played by Tom Canton), who only had an episodic role in the first season.

From what we’ve learned, Francesca and Filavandrel were both part of the scenes filmed at Dorking, as well as the character codenamed “Gary”, who is Francesca’s brother, invented specifically for the show. These three Elven cast members may have filmed alongside star Anya Chalotra as she has been seen on location this week as well as last week.

Filming took place in an Elven army camp for three days (starting Monday the 17th), and the cast was joined by dozens of extras in costume, wearing elven ears. Take a look at these exclusive images taken by our location scout @GoTlikeLocations.

We have also uncovered the following photos from one of the extras. Naturally, we blurred the face to keep her out of trouble.

As can be seen in the pictures, the Elves are wearing various different sets of armor and costumes (rather than uniform), which does fit in with the guerilla-like nature of the Scoia’tael. With these sets, season two’s new costume designer Lucinda Wright did not disappoint. Now we’re doubly interested to see Francesca’s costume.

Meanwhile in Arborfield, The Witcher‘s new home base, all is good and quiet. The work continues smoothly on the town set that may eventually become Oxenfurt, Gors Velen and others. It’s quite apparent now that the set won’t be finished soon and is intended to be used sometime in the coming months.

What could Yennefer be doing among the Elves? What exactly happened to her after the Battle of Sodden? What role will Francesca play in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, or on our Twitter page!

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  1. “What could Yennefer do among the elves? What exactly happened to her after the Battle of Sodden?” Oh dear goodness! What happened to Yennefer? Well, whoever read the books knows. But Laura didn’t read the books. Too lazy. Too disinterested. Instead of filming Sapkowski’s books, Laura films Laura’s ideas. Yennefer was wounded on the “Sodden Hill” and went blind. She didn’t do anything between any elves. She was magically healed and recovered. That’s why she was invisible to the witcher Geralt. Because she was cured of blindness. Yennefer only got between elves after the attack on Taned. As “Nefrid Statuette” in the care of Francesca. And then not under the “commands of the elves”. Oh, we want to orientate ourselves on the books. Because they’re great. Humbug. There are no elven armies either. The last army of elves was smashed under the “Rose of Shaeraved”. There are only guerrilla sections. These people are riding deeper and deeper into the mess.

    1. It’s NOT a literal adaptation. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Writers usually make characters sick or cursed or in a coma when they don’t know what else to do with them and that’s what Sapkowski did with Yennefer. I love his books with all my heart but that’s lazy and boring. She deserves better.
      And who’s Laura?

    2. An army. Meaning a commando unit. Do you remember the episode? There aren’t any elven kingdoms in the show either. The Aen seidhe are stateless as they are in the games and books. Until Dol Blathanna is reinstated.
      Chill out. At least wait until the leaks are fully materialised. We know so little right now.

      I’ll gladly join you if it is mucked up.

      1. An army is an army. Napoleon’s “Great Army” against Russia numbered over 500,000 men. The army of Paul in Stalingrad 90,000 soldiers. In the battle of Azincourt, the French army was strong until 20,000 knights. Do you know the difference between a command and an army? No?

  2. It’s like when someone starts lying. It starts with a little lie that has to be covered by ever new swindles. This is exactly the procedure in the “Witcher” series. They can’t get out of there. Basically, they have already mutilated many people beyond recognition. The magic is explained in the books. The “power” is drawn from fire, water, air and the earth. not out of people! We are not here with “Dragon Age” and the “blood magic” in the realm of Tevinter that the magicians operate there. But they don’t care about anything anyway. What is left of the books? Just the names.

    1. KARL EDUARD stop whining jeeez they do very good work … if you want same thing like in the books go read the books ..

      1. It is not my aim to follow the books. It’s Laura’s promise. Of course, you are happy to find a pearl in the pile of chicken manure. That doesn’t make the pile of crap a treasure. I am glad that you are also satisfied with the minimum. But that is not the claim with which this series started. The aim was to orientate on the books. OK, people with dementia don’t care, they forgot. I don’t have dementia. Of course you can find a lot of excuses for the failure. Too stupid. Too incapable. Too lazy. Selbstverliebt. Reading disabilities. Then the woman should not be commissioned to film Sapkowski.

      2. Looks like haters are too lazy and too incapable to even remember the showrunner’s name. And also have reading disabilities, because LAUREN never said they are going to make a literal adaptation of the books. Get over it.

  3. You know why book fans are the last people I’d go too for feedback when it comes to adaptations ? Because they always are the whiniest, most obnoxious nutjobs. See the posts above me.

    1. Yes. Read. Who needs that? Alexa, make me coffee! Yes. Read. Who needs that? Alexa, make me coffee! Reminds me of an SF novel. in which the idiots were brought out of life by carousel.

    2. Hehe, actually I would say many book fans would know more about depicting certain things than professionals. Some cosplayers managed to make amazing nilfgaardian armor that the showmakers didn’t :). Jokes aside fans will be fans and will express their opinions whether you like it or not, that’s the thing isn’t it being a fan, is caring for something even if it’s a work of fiction. As many people as many opinions. Get over it.

      1. I am always happy when people are happy with little. Who cares about producer promises? You don’t like the series? Then you should eat cake. (Evidently Marie Antoinette did not say it, but it fits to express the contempt of the producer.) We know how it ended. Those who know history. Here only the series will go under and the money of the investors sunk. What do I care? I am only sad at what mischief the woman does.

    3. The thing is that a bookfan can never truely be satisfied with the filmadaptation because it will never look like what the reader imagines, because thats impossible. We all have different pictures in our heads whilst reading and a movie version just cant compete with that.
      I think the best way to see a movieadaptation or in this case the witcher series is as an interpretation of the source material, wich it is based on. It will never be 100 per cent like the book because its a total different medium. Stuff you can describe in a book over 5 pages you cant just explain in the show, you have to find ways to show it to the audience and therfore you might need to invent new characters or chance stuff slightly to better make the audience understand.

      so stop freaking whining and just be excited for the new season

  4. ‘army’ of elves will be fifty extras, fives different shades of San Francisco, in three costume variations sprung freshly off the pages of a one dimensional script. We will get similar shots of The Last Samurai while they try to replicate one final ride of glorious dignity. They will fail to convey this, and we will be cynically bemused that our predictions came true.

  5. Why they use epic Gwent art? It is always better looking than reality and it makes me sad. These costumes look so boring and uninspired.

  6. The books describe the clothing of the elves. The clothing is elegant, it is decorated with the pattern of leaves. High boots are worn. Coats and hoods are gray. Even in war, the elves keep their clothes clean and elegant. As a designer of costumes one only had to read the books.

  7. What is shown in elf clothing is only cheap. Similar to Nilfgard’s armor, which is not armor, but junk.

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