The Witcher Season 2 begins filming with Nilfgaard


The day has come! Second season of Netflix’s The Witcher has finally entered production, our sources report, and we can’t wait to start uncovering what’s in store for stars Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and the rest.

Filming was originally going to start on February 17, but it seems they’re ahead of schedule. Same thing happened with Season 1.

Earlier this week there were costume tests for extras and here are some images that we have uncovered.

Shocking, we know

As you can see the Nilfgaardian armor is still the same. Perhaps the many times promised change will happen somehow within the story during one of the episodes.

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Crowd costumes

Speaking of Nilfgaardians, we have a tiny casting scoop. Actor and singer Mike Wood will appear as a Nilfgaardian soldier in the new season. It looks like the first scenes shot for the new season involve Nilfgaard, most likely from Yennefer‘s arc.

And so it begins! We look forward to this production process and we hope we’ll have as much fun as we did the last time.

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  1. The emperor of Nillfgard is Ciri’s father, Duny. He murdered his wife, Ciri’s mother, he literally never loved her. Just used her to make Ciri. Very first episode of Season2 is Ciri and geralt traveling to khaer mhoren so she can begin her Non-Mutation Witcher training.

    1. WRONG. Vilgefortz deceived Emhyr, convincing him that he was the prophecised savior of the Continent. Pavetta’s death was an accident, and Emhyr showed genuine remorse for her death… But Vilgefortz had no use for a mourning cry baby, so he convinced Emhyr that Ciri was the key to fulfilling his destiny.

      Had Emhyr known what Vilgefortz was actually planning, he would never had allied himself with him, and Pavetta would still be alive.

      And the first episode of Season 2 is probably gonna be the Northern Kingdoms vs Nilfgaard clash of armies at Sodden Hill.

    2. Why would you do that… I read the books so it’s not a spoiler personally for me, but just… Stop it. Get some help 🙂

  2. Nilfgaard, well the scenes that they should be doing is the one from Blood of Elves:

    “‘Vizimir, Foltest, Demawend, Henselt and Meve,’ repeated the marshal. ‘They met in a secret council in Hagge Castle on the Pontar. They conferred in privacy.’
    ‘How symbolic,’ said the slender, black-haired man wearing an elk tunic marked with the imprints of armour and rust stains, without looking round. ‘After all, it was at Hagge, not forty years ago, that Virfuril defeated Medell’s armies, strengthened his control over the Pontar Valley and established today’s borders between Aedirn and Temeria. And today Demawend, Virfuril’s son, invites Foltest, Medell’s son, to Hagge, summoning Vizimir of Tretogor, Henselt of Ard Carraigh and the merry widow Meve of Lyria to complete the set. They are meeting now and holding council in secrecy. Can you guess what they are discussing, Coehoorn?’
    ‘I can,’ the marshal replied succinctly. He did not say a word more. He knew that the man with his back turned hated anyone to display any eloquence or comment on obvious facts in his presence.
    ‘They did not invite Ethain of Cidaris.’ The man in the elk tunic turned away from the window, clasped his hands behind his back and strolled slowly from the window to the table and then back again. ‘Nor Ervyll of Verden. They did not invite Esterad Thyssen or Niedamir. Which means they are either very sure of themselves, or very unsure. They did not invite anyone from the Chapter of Wizards. Which is interesting, and significant. Coehoorn, try to see to it that the wizards learn of this council. Let them know that their monarchs do not treat them as equals. It seems to me that the wizards of the Chapter have had some doubts in this respect. Disperse them.’
    ‘It’s an order.’
    ‘Any news from Rience?’
    The man paused at the window and stood there for a long while gazing at the hills drenched in rain. Coehoorn waited, restlessly clenching and unclenching his fist around the pommel of his sword. He was afraid he would be forced to listen to a long monologue. The marshal knew that the man standing at the window considered his monologues a conversation, and viewed conversation as a privilege and proof of trust. He knew this, but still didn’t like listening to the monologues.
    ‘How do you find the country, Governor? Have you grown to like your new province?’
    He shuddered, taken unawares. He did not expect the question. But he did not ponder the answer for long. Insincerity and indecisiveness could cost him a great deal.
    ‘No, your Highness. I haven’t. That country is so … gloomy.’
    ‘It was different once,’ the man replied without looking round. ‘And it will be different again. You will see. You will still see a beautiful, happy Cintra, Coehoorn. I promise you. But don’t be saddened, I shan’t keep you here long. Someone else will take over the governorship of the province. I’ll be needing you in Dol Angra. You’ll leave immediately once the rebellion is quashed. I need someone responsible in Dol Angra. Someone who will not allow himself to be provoked.”

    But actually this scene takes place in the conquered Cintra :), this showed in books for the first time the inner workings of the empire higher ups so to speak, emperor himself visiting conquered city and kingdom and the key military leaders introduced, plus it had Cahir getting an audience. They should be shooting those scenes, it would be also interesting whether they would truly show/reveal the identity of the emperor or they will keep it secret. But as always they will probably try to do their own thing and invent lots of stuff.

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