The Witcher news roundup: possible returning actors, table reads and intimacy in Season 2


Only a week remains until Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher enters production and we’re all excited to see what news will follow. Until then, we have some bits and pieces from the last few days (not counting Henry Cavill’s cardio Instagram stories).

Firstly, we have Freya Allan training with a sword at Arborfield Studios. It is not the sword Ciri will have, it’s just a training sword. Regardless, training is required since starting from Season 2, Ciri’s role is about to become quite physical. Very physical at times.

Speaking of the cast, Jeremy Crawford (Yarpen Zigrin) has also been training and getting in shape lately. We’re very excited for that caravan escort episode somewhere in the back half of Season 2.

We’re not forgetting Geralt, of course. Or his wig at least. Jacqueline Rathore, Henry Cavill‘s hair dresser is is teasing the start of her work on Season 2 with her new wig stand. Let’s hope that it will be the Blaviken wig or better so we can all forget about those imperfect earlier versions.

Also speaking of the cast, Lars Mikkelsen has been growing his beard back. Our quick beardwatch suggests that he shaved it shortly after wrapping on Season 1 and kept himself clean shaven until now. It’s a very strong possibility that Stregobor will come back in the new season.

In any case, things are starting to come together. It seems there was a table read of the script at the Witcher HQ last week. Unfortunately, we can’t see the actor’s names. There was a similar production meeting that Lauren Hissrich has shared on her Instagram.

Lastly, we have a rather curious addition to the crew. Lizzy Talbot has been tapped as the intimacy coordinator for the show. For those of you who don’t know, an intimacy coordinator is a rather recently invented position for film and TV and their duties involve ensuring the well-being and consent of actors performing in intimate scenes as well as making sure the intimate scenes are filmed according to a previously agreed choreography. What this informs us about the story is that yes, there will be intimate scenes in Season 2.

The Witcher returns in 2021. With production starting next week, we’ll be delivering the latest news on the production process.

3 comments on “The Witcher news roundup: possible returning actors, table reads and intimacy in Season 2”

  1. I think the actor for Lars Mikkelsen should keep a beard in real life. He looks more like a man then. Not that he wasn’t before.

  2. Why on earth there would be more of Stregobor? How come this relatively minor character from books got so expanded role in the show, shouldn’t they start to introduce other important sorcerers, or sorceresses? Hmm? I get that they want to utilize the great actor in fullest way possible, but what is his purpose in story I wonder. Stregobor like Istredd are both less important in overall story of the witcher saga, in fact after their appearance in short stories they no longer play a part, Istredd is mentioned but nothing else, I hope they don’t shift too much focus on those characters in season 2, it would seriously steal too much time from more important story stuff. It would make more sense for them to appear in season 3 if it would be based on Times of Contempt since the story will be dealing with mages and their brotherhood then and the mage convention on Thanedd, those two would at least have a reason to be there it would fit even if in source material they were not there. Second season should be based on Blood of Elves which already has lots of things that would probably need to cut out.

    1. Fantasywind, on TV shows and movies, you have to condense minor characters… often 2 or 3 characters become one.

      No doubt, all of Artaud Terranova material will be Stegabor… which means that he will be with us until S3 (A Time of Contempt)

      By having Stegabor there, instead of an entirely new character who we’ve seen in just two council scenes, what Geralt does to that character will mean so much more!

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