Viola Prettejohn is Fake Ciri in The Witcher


We had already reported that young actress Viola Prettejohn is part of the cast of the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher … now, we can reveal that her character is Fake Ciri – according to the actress’s CV. (Book spoilers below!).

Who is Fake Ciri? This is the character who first appears in the second tome of the Witcher saga, Time of Contempt. She is a noblewoman from Cintra and becomes an orphan in the war with Nilfgaard. She wandered around the refugee camps until she was taken in by a clothier from Brugge.

Viola Prettejohn (Photo: Phil Sharp)

However, because she is very similar in appearance to Ciri, she became caught up in a major act of political intrigue, as a result of which she was sent to Nilfgaard’s Emperor Emhyr as Princess Ciri. That’s where she is introduced in the books.

Viola’s credits in her CV

With this season adapting the two short story books, this would be an early appearance for the character, if all is as it seems. We could well see her fate right after the war begins. Perhaps she’ll meet Ciri in one of the camps? Will she appear as one of the noblewomen at Cintra’s court? It’s not long till we find out…

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