The Witcher adds a new face and other cast details revealed

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Yesterday, Netflix finally gave us a much awaited look at The Witcher’s first season at Lucca Comics and Games. With the trailer released we have a few cast details to share that got buried under the hype.

First, a new face was added to the show’s already impressive cast. As we witnessed before, when the teaser dropped in at SDCC in July, many talent agencies took to twitter to celebrate the trailer’s release and congratulate the actors lucky enough to land a part on the show. London-based agency Waring and McKenna had two cast members to compliment. One familiar and a new one:

Alongside Joshua Higgott (Hegor), young actress Viola Prettejohn will play a currently unknown character. Social media activity suggests, she might appear in Ciri’s (Freya Allan) story arc but take this with a grain of salt. A relatively new face to the acting world, Prettejohn has made her debut in Starz’s Counterpart and will be seen as a series regular in HBO’s upcoming science fiction drama The Nevers.

Viola Prettejohn

Thanks to the trailer and promotional images released yesterday we also know more about two of the show’s minor cast additions. First, we have John Cummins Marton, who is seen amongst the villagers of Blaviken, that witness Geralt’s fight with Renfri (Emma Appleton) and her band of thugs at the town’s marketplace. It might be that he is playing the show’s version of Caldemeyn, the alderman of Blaviken.

Marton looking horrified

Second, a photo showing Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) in what seems to be a potionmaker’s store or a pharmacy may have also given us our first look at Philippe Spall’s character Hemet. From the picture’s filenames we know this scene will be in Episode 5, directed by Charlotte Brändström. Hemet might be an original character or even the show’s version of a certain apothecary from the town of Rinde.

This is most likely Philippe Spall’s Hemet

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for news on some of the The Witcher’s meatier roles including Geralt’s mother Visenna, wandering knight Borch Three Jackdaws, dryad queen Eithne. As we get closer to the release date it should only be a matter of time. Expect more cast updates in the coming weeks!

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