Insider says The Witcher has been renewed for three seasons


It’s good news for fans of The Witcher just ahead of San Diego Comic Con, as an insider with a proven track record when it comes to the show shared what he’d heard about Netflix’s commitment to Henry Cavill’s Geralt and co.

The adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, and their tale of a solitary monster hunter, powerful sorceress, and young princess being brought together by destiny, is already being hailed as the streaming giant’s potential answer to HBO’s Game of Thrones. It appears that Netflix are as confident about it as its most dedicated fans.

Asked about the show on Twitter, DC insider @TheComixKid, KC Walsh, said he’d heard that The Witcher had received the same deal as Netflix’s Sabrina and was renewed right off the bat up to its third season.

To avoid any confusion, Walsh went on to clarify that it had been renewed to season three rather than four, according to what he’d heard. But, the potential was there for something more. He tweeted: “I’ve only heard [three seasons] but considering the investment they are putting in the show and the need for IP outside of WB/Disney [four seasons] is a strong possibility.

Walsh’s words on the renewal hold some weight, given his accuracy in this area before. Back in December 18, he wrote: “Sounds like @Netflix is very happy with #TheWitcher and we could see multiple seasons greenlit before season one airs or shortly after. Meaning Cavill’s schedule could be full for a while and more evidence Superman is behind him “

As a DC insider, his words on Henry Cavill’s schedule seemed trustworthy … and they were. Five months later, NSFW blog Recapped, which has an impeccable record when it comes to The Witcher – having reported on Anya Chalotra and Henry Cavill’s casting as Yennefer and Geralt well before anywhere else – backed up what Walsh had said.

Recapped reported that rumours were of filming for season two starting in December 2019, and Recapped has been consistently accurate with such information. It also fits with other evidence we’ve reported on that suggests the writers’ room is kicking back into gear for season two.

Though the first season is set to premiere this Holiday season (with a rumored December 20 release, also reported by Recapped), The Witcher will be arriving to San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 19. It would be a long-shot for confirmation of a renewal to come at this event, but it was already a long-shot for the show to be having a panel there so early, especially when Netflix usually begin marketing their shows a month or two before release.

The Witcher’s banner at San Diego Comic-Con

So, keep fingers crossed for some exciting news from San Diego!

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  1. Bad news for Witcher fans. The casting for this series was atrocious, discriminatory against Slavic culture, and an insult to the minorities lead writer Hissrich wished to give representation, the costume design is atrocious, and Cavill is not Geralt.

    1. Says an.obnoxiously loud vocal minority of the 6 million views the trailer has gotten so far. You’re welcome to just rewatch the gem that was The Hexer then.

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