Henry Cavill, former Miss Hungary, screams and possible nudity during Vajdahunyad castle filming for The Witcher


March saw the production team of The Witcher visit Hungary’s Vajdahunyad Castle. During this three-day shoot on 27, 28 and 29 of March, Redanian Intelligence was able to piece together some clues on what was being filmed, including who was on set. Read on below!

The filming at the castle included at least four models: Miss Hungary 2008 Ildiko Polgar, Claudia Varga, Flora Garai and Dominika Simak.

From left: Ildiko Polgar, Claudia Varga, Flora Garai, Dominika Simak.

Posting on her Instagram stories near Vajdahunyad just before the second day, Polgar said “Indul a mai forgatás”, which translates as “Today’s shooting starts”. Cameras started rolling early in the morning, as noted by Claudia.

And while we didn’t see exactly what went on inside, we did get a glimpse at the hairstyles of Flora and Dominika.

Filming also seems to have included the use of a green screen, as you’ll see in the following photo, adding to the mystery.

Also noticeable are the bathrobes the models wear. It’s common practice to get bathrobes for actors between takes who were shooting either nude scenes or on a cold set (or both). Considering their profession, it is very likely that whatever scenes they shot in the castle include nudity. Adding to the evidence, a source told us she rejected a role as an extra around this time because her scenes required nudity. Perhaps these are the scenes our source spoke of.

Another source, a tourist, told us that they heard screams coming from the castle and assumed a horror film was being filmed inside. The screams, they said, were child-like. It could well have been the higher-pitched screams of the models. Our source also provided some shots of the pretty-looking exteriors.

A photo of the location provided by a source
Another shot from the exterior of the castle, courtesy of our source

Why would the women be screaming? The official website of the Budapest City Park, Ligetbudapest.hu, claimed that Henry Cavill was also filming at Vajdahunyad. Did Geralt walk into a room full of nude women, prompting them to scream? We can see it happening.

If you’re wondering about the interiors, take a look at the rooms inside the castle in the following photos.

A hall of antlers and taxidermy in Vajdahunyad castle
The beautiful upper floor of the castle, showcasing the ornate ceiling
A stairway in the castle leading to a stained glass window

Cavill has been elusive when it comes to placing him on set, so this hint at what Geralt might be up to is a welcome one. These interiors scream a wealthy setting, and we know he’ll be around the Royal Palace in Vizima with King Foltest, so could that be it? There are plenty of other options to speculate on too, so we’d love to hear your suggestions below!

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