The Witcher filming scenes this April with a surprising character at Tata Castle


Back in April, when filming was in full swing at the Polish Ogrodzieniec castle, another unit was busy at home in Hungary. The filming units, by the way, are called Monster Unit and Mutant Unit. For several days, one of these units filmed scenes at Tata Castle. It is currently unknown what was filmed, but perhaps the new information below may shed some light.

While we don’t know much about that shoot, we can exclude any mages, sorceresses and director Marc Jobst, as all had been busy in Poland. However, our favourite duo were present: Geralt (played by Henry Cavill) and Jaskier (played by Joey Batey). We know this because of the following image shared by a crew member who was at Tata on April 10.

A day earlier, Henry shared this photo with some green in the back. As we know, he often brings his dog Kal to the set.

Photos from the actual filming have been scarce, but we do have some thanks to various sources (, @szeretlektata, and crew)

Notice the two moons here. A crew member put it tge same way on social media: “two moons”. Different hours of night, just lighting or indeed two moons? Lots of smoke on set as well.

Redditor u/Amira7676 managed to get a few photos during the day when the crew was preparing the sets. They claim that filming was taking place both inside and outside the castle as well as at a swamp nearby.

So, what scenes could they be filming there with Geralt and Jaskier? The scenery hints that this could be their entrance to the town of Rinde in “The Last Wish” as there aren’t many other places similar to this one for Geralt and Jaskier to appear in the short stories. In the aforementioned story, the two are stopped at the entrance and offered by the guards to stay in the gatehouse until further notice as they don’t have a letter of safe conduct. This location could be the stopping point from the story.

Jaskier has been one of the most elusive characters to pin down at any filming location, so we are happy to be able to find out about at least one of his shoots. Keep an eye on Redanian Intelligence, as we have more to share in the coming days.

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