Into the Forests of Brokilon: A possible look at Freya Allan as Ciri and more


The Witcher’s first season will mostly the cover the events described in the first two books of the series, Geralt’s short story collections. Though much information is already known about the season, there is one short story in particular whose adaption we know next to nothing about, a story named “The Sword of Destiny“. Set in the forests of Brokilon, this short story not only introduces the forest’s vicious strand of partizan dryads, but also serves as the introduction to a character whose importance is perhaps second only to Geralt: Princess Ciri. Read more for an inside look at the locations used for Brokilon, a low-res picture that appears to show Freya on location and also a peak at the show’s dryad costumes.

Despite the lack of casting news for the Brokilon story, we have managed to gather some pictures of the locations that will serve as the setting for these scenes, as well as ones taken from the filming at the Canary Islands in March. But let’s begin with our most important scoop: Ciri.

The picture below was taken during the filming at La Palma, in the Canary Islands. The crew was filming scenes at Los Tilos waterfall, and a keen eye at Redanian Intelligence noticed a familiar (albeit slightly pixelated) face among the many crew members.

The crew filming at Los Tilos waterfall, on the island of La Palma (more on that soon!)
Zooming in on the same picture, we can spot a certain someone. Is this our first look at Freya Allan as Ciri, on location at Brokilon? It appears so!

This is most likely our first look at Freya Allan on location, filming scenes for Ciri. Notice that she is standing behind the crew and closer to the waterfall, presumably right in the middle of the shot. Further information (mentioned below) will list this location as part of Brokilon, but more on that later. First, we’ll get another peak behind the scenes.

Our second scoop from Brokilon may give us an idea what the dryads’ costumes will look like in the show. Earlier this year, Redanian Intelligence operatives were able to find an interesting video of a crew member designing what she described as “forest creatures”. The creature in question may well be a dryad (or, more specifically, the costume of a dryad). Below you will see a still, click here for the video.

Is this an early design for the dryad costumes?

But that isn’t all. The following photo was taken on set at La Palma on March 27, and appears to show a dryad-to-be prepping in the make-up room. Though her costume is covered by a robe, we are able to glean a couple of interesting details from this picture (all covered in the image below). Notice the very green hair, which was likely fitted on her head soon after the picture was taken. Interestingly, we do not know if the woman playing this dryad is an actress or an extra.

Now let’s take a look at the filming locations. As reported by fansite Universo The Witcher, some of the show’s locations in the Canary Islands will soon grace the small screen as the forests of Brokilon. Take a look at these beautiful forests from the island of La Palma.

Los Tilos waterfall, the same location where Ciri was spotted
La Zarza, Garafia
Cubo de la Galga
Ancient megalithic art found in La Zarza

Ever since the casting of Ciri was announced by Netflix, almost no casting news regarding Brokilon was uncovered. One other casting alleviated any worries regarding Brokilon’s inclusion. Raquel Amegashie was cast as “Warrior Dryad”, which our sources confirm is a minor role. She is not, however, the dryad we see in the picture above.

Raquel Amegashie, the first dryad to join the cast

Interestingly, Raquel is listed under episode 5, which may include scenes from Brokilon. This does not yet confirm that episode 5 will feature “The Sword of Destiny“, as mistakes in episode listings have happened before. It is also known that episode 5 will adapt “The Last Wish” short story, which may not allow a simultaneous adaption of “The Sword of Destiny“. Time will tell exactly when and how this story will be adapted.

When will we get our first proper look at Ciri and the dryads in costume? It’s likely that we will have to wait for the show’s official release, or at the very least for the marketing campaign to kick off. In the meantime, Redanian Intelligence will keep searching for the actresses cast in the roles of Braenn and Eithné, both of whom play major roles in this particular short story. Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence for all things Witcher.