Rhianna McGreevy confirmed as Coral aka Lytta Neyd


Ever since Rhianna McGreevy was identified as the redhead actress from the Ogrodzieniec shoot in Poland, we have been wondering: “Could she be Coral?” The answer is yes. She can be and she indeed is Coral aka Lytta Neyd.

The confirmation comes from Rhianna’s CV and once again we see director Marc Jobst’s name in relation to that episode. To remind you, Marc Jobst is working on the season finale, but the capacity of his involvement is not yet known. Rhianna’s CV further confirms that.

Rhianna McGreevy in The Merchant of Venice (2018)

The sorceress Astrid Lyttneyd Ásgeirrfinnbjornsdottir adopted a shorter name Lytta Neyd for obvious reasons and was also known as Coral. We are very excited to have Coral in the series. After all, she is one of the most interesting characters in the novel Season of Storms, the events of which take place just before the short story The Witcher. And also Coral is known to have participated in the Battle of Sodden.

Will we see the battle after all? Or perhaps only the preparation or maybe some flashes? We will have to wait at least for the trailer to see any hints of either suggestion. In the meantime stay tuned for our next scoop where you will see some very exciting photos and videos from the set.

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