Dominic Creasey cast as Lord Peregrine of Nilfgaard

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As filming is coming to an end, casting news is a very welcome surprise. This time is has been revealed that English actor Dominic Creasey has been cast as Lord Peregrine of Nilfgaard. This has been revealed on his IMDB page. According to IMDB, Dominic will appear in Episode 4. Who is Lord Peregrine? We try to theorize.

In the books, there are no Nilfgaardian characters who go by the name Peregrine, so he must have been invented by showrunner Lauren Hissrich and the team. However, we do know that in Episode 4 we will see the adaptation of the short story A Question of Price among other things. Peregrin could be a guest on Calanthe’s feast or maybe we will see him in flashbacks that would explore the backstory of a certain Urcheon. The options in this case aren’t too many, but one never knows what an original character would be doing in the end.

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