Casting side for Nohorn revealed

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Back in October we discovered an audition video made by Polish actor Marcin Luczak. It wasn’t clear which character was he auditioning for, but it was clear enough to know it was someone from Renfri’s band.

Thankfully, now we have another audition video with better quality and where the character’s name is actually marked. This time it’s Scottish actor Adam Robertson. Read the transcript by u/BWPhoenix here:

As you can see, this casting side adapts a scene from The Lesser Evil short story. In this version, Geralt enters the inn looking for the town’s alderman, meeting Nohorn and members of Renfri’s band there. In the books, Geralt is at the inn solely to look for Renfri, so there’s a slight difference. She makes a similar entrance here, however.

We’d like to remind you that these scenes are written specifically to test actors. They’re written in a way that allows them to show more of a range of emotions that’ll be needed for the role. And showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich predicted they would leak, and so used original material to minimise spoilers. But… it’s still a fun chance to see the kind of dialogue we’re going to be getting from characters like Geralt and Nohorn!

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