New Game of Thrones Prequel, Dunk & Egg, Possibly To Film in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland and particularly Belfast have been the home for Westeros throughout the entire run of Game of Thrones from 2009 to 2019 with all eight seasons having been filmed at Titanic Studios there. Then House of the Dragon came along and made its home base at Leavesden Studios, England, not too far from London. Now it seems that Westeros might be making a return to Belfast with the new Dunk and Egg series.

Dunk and Egg might be heading to Belfast in Spring 2024

Line producer Lisa Byrne, who worked on seasons 3 to 8 of Game of Thrones listed her involvement with Dunk and Egg series on her LinkedIn CV. As you can see, the job is listed to be taking place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

dunk egg cv

There is yet to be a confirmation whether HBO will use Titanic Studios once again, but given the history and the experience of the crew there, there is that possibility.

Most recently, HBO exec Casey Bloys confirmed that they were hoping to start filming the Dunk and Egg series in Spring 2024. Casting is also already underway with casting director Lucy Bevan searching for a “Boy” and a very tall “Soldier” as the two leads.

There are no release dates to speak of, but 2025 would be a reasonable assumption. The entire production should logically be simpler and quicker than House of the Dragon as there are no massive battles, no dragons and likely fewer episodes.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is in post-production for an expected 2024 release. Do follow Redanian Intelligence for news on House of the Dragon and other fantasy series and check out our Discord server to join the conversation or if you have any leaks or insights to share.