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The Witcher May Have Found its Next Major Villain

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The second half of Andrzej Sapkowski’s saga has quite a few meaty roles, which will be seen alongside Liam Hemsworth replacing Henry Cavill in Season 4 as well as Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and Joey Batey. Out of the main four, today we most likely have someone who will be Freya Allan’s biggest adversary in the next season of The Witcher.

Sharlto Copley Possibly Cast as Leo Bonhart

Sharlto Copley
Sharlto Copley

We have learned that South African actor Sharlto Copley has been cast in The Witcher franchise. We have strong reasons to believe he is playing none other than Leo Bonhart, one of the most vicious villains of the entire saga.

As far as we know, Copley was cast both in The Rats prequel that just finished filming in South Africa, and also Season 4 of The Witcher, which makes us think Leo Bonhart.

Copley’s recent credits include District 9, Chappie, Beast, Hardcore Henry, Oldboy and more.

Leo Bonhart (and his cousin) in The Rats

sharlto moustache
Sharlto Copley with a mustache

What’s curious about Bonhart’s involvement in The Rats prequel is that he’s known to be obsessed with witchers and he has a collection of witcher medallions, from the witchers he has killed. Enter Dolph Lundgren as the rogue witcher of the Cat School called Brehen that has a major role in The Rats.

Now, the following isn’t something that we know for certain, but it would be logical to assume that the next medallion in Bonhart’s collection would be Brehen’s and we may likely see how he gets it in The Rats.

The Rats will also feature someone called Slemmig, whose name also sounds like the original witchers have been named in this series: Everard, Gwain, Tolbert, Merek etc. Slemmig fits with there quite well. Perhaps Slemmig is Brehen’s friend and another medallion for Bonhart’s collection.

rats main cast1
Ben Radcliffe, Christelle Elwin, Fabian McCallum, Aggy K. Adams, Juliette Alexandra and Connor Crawford as Gisehler, Mistle, Kayleigh, Iskra, Reef and Asse respectively

The Rats logline reads: “Six teenage thieves must rely on their criminal skills as they plan the biggest heist of their careers against the most dangerous crime ring in the kingdom.”

The crime ring in question very likely belongs to Dominik Bombastus Houvenaghel who is Leo Bonhart’s cousin. Both were mentioned by Yennefer in The Witcher Season 3 after an incident in Keira Metz’s portal shop, where Yennefer kills one of Houvenhaghel’s goons to protect Ciri.

Obviously, Bonhart is a very important figure in the story of The Rats, or rather in the end of their story, but don’t expect that much-anticipated confrontation with the teenage group to happen in The Rats prequel. We’ll likely see that in Season 4, while the prequel should establish how much of a menace Bonhart can be.

The Witcher Season 3 is available on Netflix with The Rats prequel in post-production and The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep anime by Studio Mir is far in production. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

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