The Witcher Season 3 To Be Released in Two Parts: June and July

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The first two seasons of The Witcher along with Blood Origin all have been released in a traditional Netflix way: all episodes all at once. The streamer, however, has been experimenting with split releases in the past two years and hit its mark with Stranger Things. Now, The Witcher will also follow.

The Witcher Season 3 Split Between June and July 2023

We can reveal that for the first time in the history of The Witcher, Part I of The Witcher Season 3 will be released on June 29, 2023. Part II will follow a month later, on July 27, 2023.

The new season will be split as follows: Episodes 1-5 on June 29, then episodes 6-8 on July 27.

Back in December 2022, showrunner Lauren Hissrich discussed the possibility of splitting the new season in two:

“We haven’t discussed that [splitting the season] yet, but at this point I think what we see happening across all sort of streamers, I wouldn’t rule it out. […]So God willing, we get it all out at the same time. But who knows, we’ll see what happens.”

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Season 3 of The Witcher is in post-production for a June and July release. The Rats spin-off is currently in pre-production. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

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