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House of the Dragon Season 2 Adds Cheese and More Casting News

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As of April 12, 2023 HBO’s hit series House of the Dragon starring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke has officially begun filming.

The 8-episode second season is expected to arrive to our screen in Summer 2024. Now, let’s get to casting.

Mark Stobbart is Cheese

mark stobbart
Mark Stobbart in Beaten

We have learned that the infamous Cheese of the Blood and Cheese duo will be played by actor Mark Stobbart. His previous credits include Line of Duty, The Long Shadow, Clink and more.

Back in January, we reported on an audition tape for a character codenamed ‘Charlie C’, who sounded a lot like Cheese. Now, we know who plays Cheese for certain.

Interestingly, Stobbart is expected to work on the second season of House of the Dragon until September 2023. Whether that’s only his scenes or the entire season overall, we can’t really say.

James Doherty is Cley

james doherty 2

In addition to Cheese, we’ve learned that James Doherty has joined the second season of House of the Dragon as a character named Cley. We don’t know who Cley is, but we know that his role will be recurring.

Doherty’s previous credits include Outlander, Elden Ring and more.

More potential House of the Dragon Season 2 cast

additional hotd cast
Kieran Bew, Abubakar Salim, Gayle Rankin and Clinton Liberty

As there are named characters, there are also those whose characters we don’t know. One such name is Kieran Bew (Warrior), who has long been suspected to have joined the cast of House of the Dragon. He was even at Leavesen Studios very recently.

It must be noted that Bew is 42 and cannot be playing Cregan Stark as Rhaenyra told her sons that Cregan in the series is closer to their age than hers. So at most Cregan will have to be in his early twenties, not 42.

Another such name is Abubakar Salim (Assassin’s Creed: Origins), who is also strongly suspected by the House of the Dragon community to have joined the cast of the new season.

Lastly, we have two more names who we strongly suspect to be part of House of the Dragon Season 2: Gayle Rankin (Glow, Men) and Clinton Liberty (Normal People).

That said, for now there four are still suspicions rather than solid confirmations.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is in production for a 2024 release at HBO. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news on House of the Dragon as well as other series.

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