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PHOTO: Rings of Power Season 2 Mordor Set Spotted in UK

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The first season of Amazon’s very expensive Rings of Power has just finished airing, while Season 2 is already in production. As many know, from now on Rings of Power will be filming primarily in the UK, instead of New Zealand. New Zealand was a pretty secretive location, with little set photos coming out. The UK is an entirely different story and onlookers are aplenty.

Ruins of Mordor?

Several onlookers, who have been to Hankley Common in Surrey, UK over the past week, have noticed a film set being installed. The set depicts ruins of a burned village standing among a charred land. This looks very much like Mordor, which recently in the show saw the eruption of Mount Doom.

UPDATE: Filming on the location apparently started on Tuesday, October 18 and we have a brief video from afar. Sadly, not much one can see from there.

Mysterious runes

Another very interesting thing that’s been spotted there is a stone with runes. Sadly, we don’t know how to read them, so we’re hoping Tolkien experts will decipher this one.

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Rune photo by Richard Starkey

UPDATE: Twitter used Kris managed to make a translation of the Cirth runes, and they say “Harbor by the sea”, which is already a small clue, where this rune-signpost might be located.

And there’s more where that came from. Several other locals captured some curious snaps of the Rings of Power set in Hankley Common. Take a look at the several batches from different people:

Rings of Power Season 2 is now in production at Bray Studios in the UK. No release date has been confirmed. If you like The Witcher too, we invite you to read or main category where we closely follow the production of Season 3 and the other spinoffs.

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