The Witcher Season 3 to start filming very soon

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The Witcher fans have been waiting impatiently for Season 3 to start filming after the huge success of season 2. Redanian Intelligence has learned that the Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan starring series will start production soon on its third part.

Earlier this week camera tests, screen tests, and other final tests were carried out at Longcross Studios. Mecia Simson (Francesca) and Anna Shaffer (Triss) posted on their Instagram accounts while working. The main lead Henry Cavill though wasn’t involved yet as he was spotted filming No.1 Rosemary Water promos in various locations in London.

All indicates that filming is imminent and will begin very soon. While we don’t know the exact date when they begin, we know that the intended wrap date for The Witcher Season 3 is somewhere in September 2022.

Earlier in March, Longcross Studios saw stunt training and costume fittings involving many of The Witcher main and recurring leads including Kaine Zajaz (Gage).

While it’s obvious that there have been some delays, this is nothing out of the ordinary and there’s no cause for concern regarding this. Pre-production usually does take some time and on top of that The Witcher has a new studio, which means plenty of the sets needed to be built from ground up.

In fact, the very first reported Season 3 start date was February 2022 and it never seemed realistic to us at Redanian Intelligence because we knew they’d be starting pre-production in January and there was absolutely no way they’d make it in a brand new studio.

We hope to have more news and info on Season 3 in the upcoming weeks as the production moves closer to the start date. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence for updates on your favorite series, and if you want to tell us or ask us something, just pop into our discord server. We would love to see you there.

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  1. That’s great news. I’m looking forward to the first leaked set pictures. Is there anything new about Blood Origin?

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