The Witcher Season 3 to film in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia


The world of The Witcher which is called The Continent is heavily inspired by Europe and Andrzej Sapkowski even named a good amount of locations and characters after real European locations such as Montecalvo or Angouleme. For that it was nice to see Netflix to make an effort to film the first season in mainland Europe. Season 2 had such plans as well, but they were never realized because of the pandemic. But that will change once again as The Witcher is preparing its return to Europe for Season 3.

We have learned that Season 3 of The Witcher will film in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that the early March start date was outdated information and there’s still no concrete date when cameras will actually roll for The Witcher Season 3. We’ve been told that there’s been a slight 2-3 week delay in plans, but that’s completely normal in this stage of pre-production.

At the moment we don’t know the exact start date, but it could be late March or perhaps April.

Italy’s South Tyrol (Bolzano)

All three of the aforementioned countries are new for The Witcher as the production has never been there before. Italy has been a staple in international productions since it hosted such projects as The Godfather, Wonder Woman, The Italian Job, House of Gucci, No Time to Die and countless more. Slovenia has hosted fewer, but also famous projects as Chronicles of Narnia and Jackie Chan’s Armour of God.

Croatia, on the other hand, will be known for many recent fantasy and TV fans as it has been a staple in almost every season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, offering many of its gorgeous locations for King’s Landing and other iconic places.

Croatian Dubrovnik, the second home to HBO’s Game of Thrones

With so much location filming, we can hope and expect many set photos from locals as well as paparazzis. Hopefully we’ll see some exciting pictures of Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and perhaps other series regulars!

Are you excited for The Witcher returning to Europe and a potentially fruitful picture season? Let us know and stay tuned for more news!

11 comments on “The Witcher Season 3 to film in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia”

  1. Why can’t they continue to film in the UK they have used beautiful scenery in the lake district surely it would cut costs and make it easier to film

    1. UK is too gloomy, they need some bright colours and not just rely on Yennefer’s eyes and a completely illogical cloak.

  2. That’s nice! I loved the scenery and locations in s2. They were so beautiful and the best part of the season, especially Kaer Morhen and Lake district and I’m excited to see the locations in s3. (I hope the scripts are improved and are closer to the source material and give time to the main three protagonistist to build their relationships convincingly and not focus on everyone else except them like s2 did and cut scenes from them and give them to other characters). Thanks for the info RI, let’s hope to hear more from the filming soon.

  3. Please let the writing be better and not damage the character any more. That’s all that matters. The locations and cinematography were breathtaking in s2 and I have no doubt that they’ll be gorgeous in s3 too but the writing was bad and everyone involved with the story should be fired. Let Henry Cavill take over since he’s the only one who cares about Sapkowski’s books.

  4. Thanks RI, these places sound great. Can they fix Geralt’s eyes though? There were scenes in s2 that they looked beautiful and realistic and there were scenes that they looked hideous (and not in a good way Geralt’s eyes should look). Also better writing and not deviating from the books so dramatically and especially better writing in the characters and their interactions. What they did to Yennefer’s story in s2 should be teached to writing schools in the section “bad writing – a guide of what you should never do”

  5. If they keep f*ng the source material, the best locations, effects, visuals, cinematography, direction, acting, won’t save them. Lauren should burn all her scripts after the disaster of s2 and hire people who LOVE Sapkowski’s work and his characters, to write them. Also, people who can understand his themes cause crearly they can’t. The only one I still have some faith in and I’ll come back for him is Henry. His Geralt was the only redeeming quality of s2.

  6. I’m happy with them filming more around Europe but I’d be happier if we’d get the actual story of the books. The locations, effects, visuals, clothes should serve the story and not the other way around. I have the feeling that Lauren thought that fans would be so happy with the settings, the action, the monsters, the magic in s2 and they’d give no damn for the writing so she made no effort to make her writing remotely good. But with so many brilliant shows nowadays, the impressive settings are not enough to shallow the plot holes of s2, or Yennefer’s characterization. The audience is more educated and demand better. The Witcher is a rich story with many layers, with complex characters and not a marvel film to make a meta joke for Roache’s death.

  7. Does anyone have faith that s3 can be any good after the s2 fiasco and Lauren’s explanations for what we got? If yes please tell me how to stay positive bc I can’t. There is no way to salvage this mess, not with this showrunner that doesn’t care about the books, the fans, the characters or the story. They can magically fix Yennefer and Ciri’s relationship (only God knows how Yennefer will have the audacity to call Ciri ugly one when Ciri detest it after her betrayal or to say f you to the lodge and Triss for wanting to use Ciri when she did worst than that or how they’re gonna go to the banquet if they are wanted by the brotherhood) but even if they magically fix or ignore what they did in s2, I’m sure Lauren will have Geralt abandoning Ciri in s3 and making some side character or villain sympathetic bc omg what a twist! A parent who cares about their child is so boring, let’s spice it up!

  8. Is anyone excited about any news after s2? Lauren should have nothing to do with the Witcher any more, let Henry be more involved in the overall story or bring a person capable to do it and move Lauren to her family friendly spin off.

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