More details about Jaskier’s role in The Witcher: Blood Origin


The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher gave us a good look at the newer version of Jaskier played by Joey Batey. Jaskier is now a popular bard compared to Season 1, where he was closer to the beginning of his career. But the bard’s adventures aren’t confined to just following Henry Cavill’s Geralt and The Witcher. As we revealed last year, Jaskier would make an appearance in the prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin. Now we have a few more details of his appearance.

For those wondering: yes, Joey Batey will indeed physically appear as Jaskier in the prequel limited-series and here’s how it goes:

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Jaskier is in his natural habitat: a tavern. There, in front of a crowd, he starts telling (or singing) this old tale that is supposed to be Blood Origin, but he is interrupted by an elf. The elf corrects him and says this isn’t how it happened.

As expected, Jaskier being Jaskier might have added a few more colors and drama to the original tale. Alternatively, the tale is 1200 years old and it would have been impossible to preserve all the details exactly how they happened.

The identity of the elf in this prologue-type scene is currently unknown to us, but it could be someone from the cast that survives those events.

The Witcher: Blood Origin, among other things, will provide a backstory to Eredin and The Wild Hunt as well as reveal more about the Season 2 villain Voleth Meir, who is shown to be a member of The Wild Hunt. Read more about that in our in-depth analysis of Voleth Meir and her connection to The Wild Hunt:

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  1. Much as I generally like Joey Batey as an actor, I think he wasn’t used well in Season 2. Partially that’s due to the way the Jaskier role was scripted. It felt often out of character compared to the books. The song he performed (burn butcher burn) was…bad. Bad as a song, completely ill-fitting for a medieval type of music, and his singing was awkward. I think that musical piece as well as the lyrics could have easily been done far better and I wonder why it wasn’t. Jaskier is a poet, but in Season 2 that distinctive personality trait wasn’t noticeable.

  2. I can’t help saying I have absolutely no interest in Blood Origin. More of the fanny fiction by the screenwriters would be too much to take. I wish they would focus their efforts on getting the screenplay for the Witcher show right so that it deserves to be called an adaptation. In other fields of business they would be told that in view of their performance so far, they have no capacity left for extra activities before they get their main job done straight.

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