Introducing the animal actors of The Witcher Season 2

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Season 2 of The Witcher premieres in less than two weeks, and the excitement is almost at peak levels. We got to see all our favorite cast at the London premiere, and we have another premiere in Madrid on December 9, where we will see some of them again. This article shines a light on the hard-working actors who don’t get invited to premieres but are still very important to the story and series and are all good boys and girls.

Roach and the other horses

First is Geralt’s horse Roach, the most famous animal actor in the series yet. Zeusz, the stallion who played Roach in Season 1 and most of Season 2, belongs to the Juhasz Group of Hungary.

Zeusz stayed in England with his handler Bernadette Werner through the pandemic and only returned to Budapest after wrapping his role. Apart from Zeusz, many other horses hired from an England-based company featured in Season 2.

Philippa Eilhart, the Lady Owl

The bewitching owl that will represent Philippa‘s animal form was on the set in the last months of filming. She seems pretty small, but CGI could be used to make her look bigger.

The dog-wolves

These fierce wolf-like dogs were on set in Lake District. They play wolves (with the help of CGI) who eat the corpse of a certain someone.

Jaskier’s new buddies

Some of these mice play Jaskier’s friends in his prison cell. We have seen them in the trailer. They were on set many times during filming so they may play other roles too.

Most of the smaller animals for The Witcher Season 2 were trained and wrangled by the Grace Dickinson Wildlife company.

Inca and other snakes

Inca, the eleven-foot albino python, was in the studio set at Arborfield. We are not sure what role she plays. There were other snakes as well, which we assume were extras.

Reptiles, toads, scorpions, sheep, goats, and others

Plenty of other animals were also seen on set. We are assuming they play animal extras in the series.

The Witcher Season 2 releases on December 17. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence for plenty of behind-the-scenes photos after the series premieres.

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