The Witcher Season 2 will reportedly feature less nudity


The second season of the Netflix hit series The Witcher is set to release on December 17, which is just a couple of weeks away. While we count down the days, Netflix has been kind enough to share some new footage including our first look at a monster called the Myriapod.

Besides the official marketing news, however, we’re also starting to hear more and more about the upcoming season through other avenues.

The latest report by NSFW website Recapped revealed an interesting new character that will be cast for Season 3 but Recapped also provided more information on the second season’s approach towards nudity.

According to Recapped, there was only one scene in Episode 1 where a significant character was nude and another scene with naked extras in Episode 2. The takeaway is that Netflix has significantly scaled back scenes requiring nudity, which were quite frequent in the first season.

For many, this should be really good news. One major criticism the show faced after the first season was the use of nudity in many scenes that did not appear to require it. If Recapped is correct, then that will probably not be the case moving forward.

Geralt and Yennefer reunited for Season 2, with less nudity

It’s important to note that the Netflix series has hired an Intimacy Coordinator for season two, so it’s possible this change was made based on either her input or that of the cast. Another option is that this was the result of the strict pandemic filming guidelines.

With just under twenty days until the launch of the second season, we expect Netflix to release more and more marketing material in the next three weeks. For all the latest news from the Continent, make sure to follow our Twitter page @RedanianIntel.

6 comments on “The Witcher Season 2 will reportedly feature less nudity”

  1. lol there will definitely be more nudity (or maybe explicit nudity too) in season 2 and going forward and this is better for the show

  2. I feel like it was the more sensitive people who complained about it. You know, the loud mouths. Most of the regular audience did not mention anything about it, presumably because they didn’t mind it. Besides, it’s not a family show anyway.

  3. I’ll copy what I saw on Reddit:

    “the lack of adult content which was discussed previously reminds me of the Altered Carbon switch between Season 1 and Season 2. I quite enjoyed the first season of Altered Carbon because of its vast complexity and content. It really felt like it was designed for the smart and mature audience and I really appreciate its worldbuilding and environment. However, season 2 felt quite bland to me. It felt too simple when compared to the premiere season. It felt like a cable show and I was expecting much more. I felt like they were playing too safe with it. With this direction the second season of The Witcher has supposedly taken, I hope the story isn’t compromised in anyway and it will still maintain the detailed worldbuilding and complexity from the first season. I don’t want this to be simplified or for them to play it safe either.”

    If I remember correctly, there was a casting call early last year for Isolde/Ithlinne which required nudity. If you’re not planning to show such content, then why put it in the casting notes or even tease in the preview/trailers?

    I got a feeling that Lauren Hissrich took the criticism from the minority and implemented it. This is exactly what happened with Altered Carbon. I did feel like the show felt cheap afterwards, which eventually resulted in its cancellation. You don’t want originals to be censored or watered down in any way. If someone wanted family-friendly content, then stick with cable shows.

    But, we’ll see what actually happens!

  4. I’m gonna chose to believe the change was necessary due to filming during a raging pandemic rather than a mandate from the top to tone down the rating. The Witcher should always be very much R rated.

  5. While there are certainly a number of juicy scenes in the books, I don’t think that nudity just for its own sake is a central part of that. Anya Chalotra running around topless in 1×5 for some minutes is not like it is in the books, but then, many things are not as they are in the books but are just included for notoriety.

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