The Last Kingdom star Mark Rowley cast in The Witcher: Blood Origin


Witcher fans are still digesting the new footage and information that came out of Netflix’s TUDUM event last week. Meanwhile, the wheels of productions of the first live action prequel series Blood Origin are ever rolling on and we got some fresh news after the cut.

Mark Rowley to play a prince

The Witcher: Blood Origin features an ensemble cast of established and young talent with Sophia Brown (Eile), Laurence O’Fuarain (Fjall) and Michelle Yeoh (Scían) in leading roles. We’re happy to report that another well-known name is among the cast: Scottish actor Mark Rowley, who many of you will know from playing the fan-favorite character of Finan in Netflix’s The Last Kingdom.

Mark Rowley as Finan in a new character promo for The Last Kingdom Season 5

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Rowley will play Prince Alvitir. While we haven’t heard much about the character, it’s safe to say that the prince is a member of one of several royal families, that feature in the prequel. Remember that there’s already a royal character in the person of Princess Merwyn (played by Sex Education’s Mirren Mack).

In any case, we’re excited to have Rowley on board and can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.

Night Shoots at Arborfield

Meanwhile, thanks to Blood Origin‘s showrunner Declan De Barra, we can also report a mini-update from the filming front at Arborfield Studios, where extensive nightshoots have taken place this week.

We’ve heard that the night shoots involve a lot of extras, presumably for combat and dancing scenes. Actress Amy Murray, who plays Fenrik was on set, as well as lead star Sophia Brown, along with probably many more.

Credit: amymurray.xo on Instagram

The Witcher: Blood Origin is set 1200 years before the main show and will depict the events leading to the legendary Conjunction of the Spheres. While there is no release date yet, we currently expect the series to air sometime in 2022.

What do you think of Mark Rowley joining the witcher family? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter.

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