Photos: The Witcher will introduce the Wild Hunt in Season 2


There’s quite a hefty rumor circling on the internet right now, suggesting that the crew of Netflix’s The Witcher was filming today at Saunton Beach in Devon, UK. We did a quick check-in with our sources and can confirm that this is true. The production at Saunton Beach is indeed The Witcher. From all we heard, it seems the team has something special in store for the last days of filming.

UPDATE: We have talked further with our sources and confirmed that yes, this is indeed the Wild Hunt in The Witcher Season 2. As to how much we will see them, we couldn’t find that out. And here we have a few more pictures from filming, including newer ones from The Daily Mail.

The frightening armor, the outlandish weapons and skeletal horse cuirasses. It’s all a pretty familiar sight. especially to those who have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Are you thinking what we think? It’s not a huge stretch given this sight and after all, the books made it pretty clear, that the Red Riders that first appear in Time of Contempt serve as the real-life basis for the mythological Wild Hunt. Of course, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for any certain information on the topic.

What we can say is that the unit filming at Saunton Beach is a relatively small one, not your usual 200/250-person roll-out they did back in Fall during the main location shoots. And more: our sources said that filming will continue there tomorrow. So here’s hoping that we’ll get a better look at what really is going on in Devon.

7 comments on “Photos: The Witcher will introduce the Wild Hunt in Season 2”

  1. Vilgefortz of course. Aen Elle are connected to the Hunt and are actually not that important to the story. I just wonder if they will change it and go for some interworld magic battle in the next seasons.

    1. Wrong there. Aen Elle are the “power behind the scenes” for the better part of the saga – and the thread of leading Ciri to them is constantly unfurling in the background. If anything they ought to be given more characterisation not less – Ciri’s fate is not tied to only one world or one set of people.

  2. s2 if done right it can be epic! I’m only worrid that is very packed and that might take time for the relationships of the three main characters (and that is the time where they have to focus on that since in s1 they chose to focus on the three of them indivindually) but we don’t know anything. All the other stuff that’s happening and the new cgaracters can have minor impact in s2 and instead they are building up their importance for the seasons to come. If that’s the case we are in for a great ride. I don’t mind if they make the wild hunt the final threat and finish with Vilgerfortz a little earlier!

    1. I am just afraid they will sacrifice the Vilgefortz’s character development for the sake of creating intergalactical star wars conflict with Ciri saving worlds, which sounds a bit like a rip off of the games to be honest. They have a lot of villains already (they made Fringilla a villain, Nilfgaard is like a satanic cult, they have a lot to untangle in the next seasons).

      On the other hand, the books did definitely NOT do Aen Elle and the Wild Hunt enough justice. It has always felt for me like a plot cut in half and left. Which is why continuing it in the games made a lot of sense.

  3. They are definately in Time of Contempt rn. I have no idea how they’ll fit it all in one season. but as someone said maybe they just throw hints now and we’ll get the pay off later. I hope they wont take time from Geralt & Ciri’s father and daughter dynamic or Yen’s and Ciri’s bonding and I’d love more Geralt and Yen given how things ended up last year.

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