The Witcher films Cintra flashbacks, night shoots, dancers, and more for Season 2

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The final month of filming is here and The Witcher‘s cast and crew have already started receiving their wrap gifts as they persevere through day and night shoots with three directors. Directors Sarah O’Gorman, Louise Hooper and Ed Bazalgette have all been filming the past week, as have the lead trio of Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan.

The filming took place in the internal and external sets at Arborfield Studios and involved hundreds of crew members and massive sets. Showrunner Lauren Hissrich, writer Haily Hall and producer Tomek Baginski have been present almost nonstop during the filming. Even with the weather playing spoilsport at times, Baginski found humor in the situation.

One of the major scenes filmed the past week was the Cintra flashbacks. Though we do not know details of the scenes filmed, actors Gaia Mondadori (Princess Pavetta), Bart Edwards (Duny), Sonny Serkis (Ciri’s friend Martin) and Freya Allan were on set.

The presence of Martin, the Cintran boy, is quite curious as he was last seen dancing with Ciri in the pilot episode of the show and then being forced to drink poison by his mother when Cintra was breached. So he is definitely from that timeline and not from Pavetta and Duny’s timeilne.

Perhaps Ciri and Martin will dance once more, but more about that a little further in the recap.

We do not have information on the other Cintran cast of Jodhi May (Queen Calanthe), Adam Levy (Mousesack) or Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (King Eist Tuirseach). It’s possible they were not present.

Other than them and the main trio of Henry, Anya and Freya, there were Tom Canton (Filavandrel), Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (Dara), Anna Shaffer (Triss) and Royce Pierreson (Istredd) among, perhaps, others.

Wilson during the night shoots

Director Sarah O’Gorman filmed five days of nightshoots in the town set at Arborfield studios. The filming involved massive green screens and lighting. O’Gorman, who is the director of the third and fourth episodes, confirmed wrapping the nightshoots on her Instagram and going by the happy faces of everyone in the photo, we expect everything went perfectly.

The massive scale of production can be seen in the following photos:

Another scene that was filmed at the end of February involved dancers. Professional dancer Alison Eager has filmed some scenes at the studio. We don’t know if she was part of a dance routine involving multiple dancers or if it was a solo number.

Choreographer Diana Scrivener of Downton Abbey fame has joined Season 2 of The Witcher working on episodes 3 and 8. Scrivener expertise is in period dance and movement, European folk dance and music; in particular Russian, Polish and Hungarian (court and gypsy). Eager could be part of a routine choreographed by her. Perhaps one of her scenes is another Cintran ball with Ciri and her friend Martin?

The following video is Scrivener’s showreel, and we are excited to see what she has choreographed for The Witcher.

Diana Scrivener’s showreel

The exhausting week came to an exciting end for The Witcher staff with some of the Witcher cast and crew getting their wrap gifts. Paul Bullion (Lambert) and Basil Eidenbenz (Eskel) who wrapped their roles earlier in the season shared photos of their gifts on Instagram.

March has so far been an exciting month for The Witcher fans with lots of casting news, set news, and plot leaks to keep us pleased. Season 2 wraps filming this month and is expected to release in the second half of 2021. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence for more filming news.

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