The Witcher casts King Henselt and other tidbits


Filming of the The Witcher has picked up again and while there is still some way to go, it sure feels like Henry Cavill and the team are slowly nearing a milestone. In addition to some well recognizable faces from season one, we know that the new second season will also include an interesting mix of new characters. Some from the books and some original. Many still to be revealed.

Our previous findings suggest that the Northern monarchs will have a role to play in the events filmed at Fountains Abbey in November. Later that month, we disclosed that Rebecca Hanssen will play Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia and now we know the name of a colleague of hers as well as some others playing currently unknown characters. More on that below the cut.

Cornish actor Edward Rowe (Bait, Kernow King’s Poldark) joins Hanssen as King Henselt, known to book and game fans alike as the redoubtable and somewhat warmongering ruler of Kaedwen, the largest of the Northern realms that includes the secluded witcher fortress of Kaer Morhen. Rowe will appear in one or more episodes directed by Ed Bazalgette (Episodes 5 and 8).

Edward Rowe (Photo credits: Thom Axon)

If the name rings a bell for some, it might because he in fact auditioned for another and probably smaller role earlier this year. The audition video was removed shortly after we published it, but the transcription can still be read here. While Rowe seemingly did not get the part, the casting team must have liked his performance enough to offer him the role of Henselt. We think he’ll be a great fit for the gruff, unpolished military man that is Henselt. And, of course, he looks very similar to the game rendition of Henselt.

Ed Birch (Photo Credits: Sam Irons) and Julie Barclay (Photo Credits:  Lloyd James)

In other news, we can also announce two other actors who will join the cast of The Witcher in currently unknown roles. First is Ed Birch (known from his involvement in shows such as Sherlock, The Alienist, and The Last Kingdom). Second is Julie Barclay (Coronation Street, Broadchurch) who has yet to film her scenes for The Witcher.

This concludes our casting roundup. With Henselt and Meve in the fray, we expect the other Northern monarchs, especially kings Vizimir of Redania and Demavend of Aedirn to show up as well. As usual we’ll update you on anything that comes up.

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  1. 👍🔥Bring S2 now! Not really, as much as I need S2 on my screen, I want them to take the time they need to do it justice! But with all the major VFX studios involved, the casting news and the source material of course – now that the introduction of the world/characters is done and we are transit to the actual plot and the building of the family of the Witcher – I can say we are in for a hell of a ride.

  2. I think s2 casting so far is on point! I loved the majority of s1 casting (especially the main cast and most of the returning cast) but I had a couple of wth? – idk if it’s the casting or the direction of the characters though (for instance show Cahir and Istread) but s2 looks f*cking fantastic. Exactly how I imagined the characters when reading the books.

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