First official look at Freya Allan’s new outfit in The Witcher season 2


Just yesterday, Henry Cavill revealed Geralt’s new armor for season two. The official The Witcher account on twitter teased there’s more to come and oh boy they didn’t hold back…

Behold the first official look of Freya Allan as Ciri, clad in a new witcheress outfit in the courtyard of Kaer Morhen. She is holding a practice sword and looks ready to give the witchers a run for their money.

Freya Allan as Ciri

In a second image, we get a better look at her sword.

Ciri’s training sword

You may have guessed it already. They aren’t done yet. Yennefer’s turn tomorrow most likely!

Freya Allan has already been busy doing location shoots in her new outfit. Check out our post below if you haven’t seen it yet.

6 comments on “First official look at Freya Allan’s new outfit in The Witcher season 2”

  1. The scenes in Kaer Morhen will be epic. I know it and I can’ wait for them. Now we need Yennefer to complete the family!

  2. Ciri perfect.
    Kaer Morhen have vibes like Castle Black from GoT, but of course much better variant then some hollywood castle variant.

  3. The original content from the books just from these shots looks better than a lot of original stuff. I will still reserve judgement until release though .

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