Netflix is reportedly considering a Witcher spinoff focusing on mages


Henry Cavill’s the Witcher on Netflix just had its first season but all signs point towards an expansion of the franchise in the not so distant future. After a production break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the second season is currently being filmed in the UK, and a third season may already be greenlit. Moreover, the streaming giant also has two spinoffs in the works: The animated film Nightmare of The Wolf, about the adventures of Geralt’s mentor Vesemir, and Blood Origin, a live-action limited series, set during the time of the mysterious Conjunction of the Spheres.

Apparently, Netflix is far from done yet and already considering other possible spinoffs. News reaches us via reliable insider Daniel Ritchman that one such project could focus on the mages of the Witcher world. Specifically the witches/sorceresses. While the emphasis is on “considering” and nothing is confirmed yet, this opens up some interesting possibilities to explore the long history of magic on the Continent.

In a previous tweet, Richtman already mentioned that more Witcher spinoffs may be coming our way in the future.

The fact that Netflix is considering more spinoffs is not altogether surprising. If a project focusing on mages ever gets the green light, the post of showrunner will likely go to one of the writers working on the main show. As Beau De Mayo and Declan De Barra have been given responsibility for The Nightmare of the Wolf and Blood Origin respectively, our money would be on Haily Hall, who penned the sixth episode of the first season. We’ll keep you updated if anything solid turns up about this Witcher Cinematic Universe!

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  1. Why not Beau de Mayo as showrunner after all? He wrote NotW but there’s not a lot to do from now for him, also this spin off, if it exists, would probably be in a few years. There would be enough time between the projects imo.
    Episode 3 gave me an excellent first impression of the Council, one of my favorite scenes of the season, so I am even more on board if it’s him who takes the project’s responsability.

  2. “our money would be on Haily Hall, who penned the sixth episode of the first season.” the sixth episode was so bad in every way, horrible writing bad direction all bad .. No thanks i prefer a better

  3. I just hope the producers…showrunners… heads of Netflix dont over staturise the brand of the witcher… I can see it getting really old really fast. And I’m a fan

  4. May be. In 3rd season they will finish Thanedd and Tissaia, so all will be free for any form of brave artistic abusing.
    5-10 excellent american screenwriters maybe can genderbend Harry Potter to decent story from Aretuza school.

  5. At this point I care only about the main show and the nightmare of the wolf. For the rest I ‘m keeping an open mind but I’ m not excited. Give us a great s2 and then make plans for more.

    P.S. I really can’t see what they’ll do with the witches that will not happen in the main show. Unless it’s in a completely another period like blood origin will be and with totally new characters. For example: the first source etc.

  6. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they must be out of their minds, the only decent episode was number 4 as story was quite coherent, episode 6 was butchering of Sapkowski’s work (what they did to the knight is atrocious – yea I know toxic white male, he had to be stupid)

    Ladies & Gents there is a storm coming, it is not a good news, they are officially watering down the main series for some bs with mages – I am expecting loveparade, seriously. It is going to be nail to the coffin.

    They fired the only Director who understood the lore – and who wanted to make good pacing, just like the books. What is the main criticism? The pacing, this Lauren is so full of herself, but witcher is a horse she cannot ride, those mage shows is what she loves, all races, all sexes etc. But what about Henry? he worked his ass off to make this bearable and now instead of making a great show, pour some money in it, they just gonna water it down…. Sorry guys, I have a bad feeling about this, I am no longer following this series, I will just watch s2 when it comes out, but I am afraid it is going to be cheap american fantasy of the worst kind. Sorry, you do not leave such great material to netflix and their political agenda. You want quality – go to hbo, it is sad, but it is so true

    1. @veritas aequitas
      So your biggest problem with the show is that there are too many people of color and too many women? Are you serious? You can’t be serious.
      Seriously, watch any other form of TV shows/movies. Chances are they are full of white men. You are represented literally everywhere. You are the default. Sad, but true.
      Having a diverse cast is NOT a political agenda, it never was.

      1. @AD

        I think you contradict yourself…

        “You are represented literally everywhere. You are the default.”
        “Having a diverse cast is NOT a political agenda, it never was.”

        I don’t think both these statements can be true. Pick one!

      2. @AD I think peoples problem with the show is not cast or races or anything you are trying to spin, but absolutely atrocious writing and butchering of the source material and shit storytelling, pacing, world building.. watering down and simplifying elegant and complex motives from he books, etc… stop trying to make everything about race/gender!! the race thing only becomes a problem when show focused more of diversity and checking all the boxes of it instead of focusing on a good story, and even massively caning well established characters from the books just to get sjw sympathy points, which is exactly what they have been doing. they are not doing anyone favors. in fact it is patronizing.

  7. I do not have time for anti-white troll like you. I expressed my opinions at least 5 times on this website in various forms and I do not have time to do it for biased soy boy like you. To put it in nutshell Lord of the rings in my opinion was spectacular because it was true to original source material. GOT is one of the best shows ever and it still has people of colour, however people’s colour of skin and ethnicity is coherent and grounded.

    So back off, and stop defending mediocre writers and extremely average adaptation with race card. Wither 3 could five slavic athmosphere, this show does not. It is like Xena level of fantasy.

  8. can Netflix focus on making ONE show, the main show, right first??? instead of spreading budget and resource of so many spinoffs (after only one mediocre season lol) they could instead invest in overall quality of primary show and bring in more budget and people there to make it better, because god knows it could use many improvements! this is kind of ridiculous…

  9. I’m actually more excited about this “possible” spin-off than Blood Origin. I’ve always been intrigued by the mages and sorceresses and there are so many sources in the novels, especially Time of Contempt, mentioning the earliest mages (some of whom were pretty powerful) so I think there is definitely great potential there. I’d really be interested in how the Brotherhood and Chapter were founded, the story of a young Tissaia (where she comes from, how she became such a powerful sorceress and rectoress of Aretuza) or Hen Gedymdeith (the oldest living sorcerer at the time of the Thanedd coup), even maybe a young Philippa Eilhart (she’s 300+ years old in the books after all) and how she came to master the art of polymporphy under Tissaia’s tutelage, and so on. I’m already fully hyped about a spin-off focusing on the legendary mages of the Continent.

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