‘Dolittle’ actress Carmel Laniado joins The Witcher Season 2


As the production team is gearing up to start filming Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher this month, we have our first new cast member of the second season who will join Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan.

Deadline reveals that Carmel Laniado, 15, will play Violet in the second season of The Witcher. Laniado has appeared in Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. and FX’s A Christmas Carol.

According to Deadline, Violet will appear in at least three episodes of the new season. She is described as “a young girl whose playful and whimsical demeanour is a front for a smarter and more sadistic character“.

According to what we’ve heard ourselves, “Violet” is not a codename for a character that appears in the books, she is an original character created by Lauren Hissrich and her team.

The Witcher Season 2 enters production on February 17 and wraps in August for a 2021 release.

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    1. Oh no indeed, this is frustrating, when you think there already are so many side characters to introduce with Blood of Elves material for season 2 that you’d think there will be problem which will have to cut out, they stuff another original character that will steal precious time form the canon ones. Ughh and here I was hoping maybe she will be playing Shani, dammit! Though apparently she’s 14! Even younger than Shani is supposed to be (Shani was 17 in Blood of Elves). Three episodes?! Why the hell give so much time for original characters when there’s loads yet to be introduced, it’s beyond me, why are they making such stupid decision right from the start. Violet gee talk about unoriginal name. I don’t get it, there is lots of minor characters in Blood of Elves: come on, even the girls from temple of Melitele that are Ciri’s roommates Eurneid, Iola the Second, Myrrha and Katje, they have little time so to speak, but they are minor but recurring characters in case of Iola the Second. This means that if they need original character, there will be lots of pointless filler and additions to the already packed story of the books. In addition they wanted to stuff some short stories into second season, most likely Grain of Truth (modified to have Ciri in it and set it before their arrival in Kaer morhen and it could work as a sort of side adventure on the road to witcher’s keep, it will also repair the mistake of not giving Geralt and Ciri time together) but purely original inventions do not bode well for the next season.

  1. My big, really big hope is this newly created character is not a replacement for Rience, because the description somehow resembles something very similar to him…

  2. “created by Lauren Hissrich and his team”, I hope that nothing less than the most generic and generic one-dimensional character that has ever appeared on the screen. Do your magic, Lauren!

    1. Like Dara and that cintran knight Danek, basically a waste of time taking away precious attention from other side/minor characters that could be taken straight from source material.

  3. Oh, great, just what we wanted! More impressive original characters like Dara, Marilka and Netflix Fringilla.

  4. For God’s sake, Lauren. 3 episodes in your original character?

    We no longer want your writing or original characters. That was the worst part of S1.

    On the positive side, more time spent on an original character means less time slaughtering existing ones.

  5. If we want to know what a good writer is and what a bad writer is, just compare the original characters created by Witcher 3’s CD Projekt Red like Gaunter O’Dimm and the bloody Baron with the characters created by lauren, the meaningless dara and boring. and now violates the capricious character of sadistic behavior.

  6. Come on, you can’t be excited about a totally new and original character from the minds of those who gave us the much improved Geralt, Fringilla, Calanthe, Vilgefortz, Cahir, Eithne, Foltest, Yarpen – and also Dara, the doppler and the teenage Mary Sue who kept, for some bizarre reason, calling Yennefer.

  7. She may even become a disposable character (like Dara) at school when she has a relationship with Ciri (classmates), but Violet will not be as skilled in magic, becoming an eel in front of Ciri (maybe even Ciri should be transformed), by yen. But Ciri unleashes her power, creates perpetual mobile eels that feed the school for eternity, realizes the change in magic (every wizard will suddenly feel the emergence of a new source in the world from which they can suck energy) and Yen deciding to ban eels ( as a director).

  8. now .. i wrote a few times (maybe even as a joke) about Bonhart having an origin story and how his wife (and maybe kids) could have been killed by some wizard who mistook her for a monster and Bonhart then decided with his big heart paternal and paternal to get revenge. But now .. oh, my, oh my. Could Violet be your daughter who was killed by Geralt because of something like Tridam Ultimatum, similar to Renfri? Now, the bets will be personal and Bonhart on the hunt, but not to kill Geralt, the wizard who killed his daughter, but on his way to kill Ciri to make Geralt feel the same pain he does, before ending Geralt too.

    Oh my. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem implausible at all! It also fits your obsession with origin stories and inability to not have one!

  9. Similar to Season 1, I have very low expectations for Season 2, so I won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to the shit show (literally) when this season is released and falling apart by Witcher fans.

    but it will be sad, however, that the original fans of the wizards are extremely numerous in comparison to the next hordes of mindless zombies who will probably never read a book outside of school

    1. Dude, you’re really salty about any news that comes up here. The show is far from perfect, but defeninetly not as bad as you describe it in most posts on the site. We get it, you don’t like it, but it is what it is. Doesn’t change the fact that mamy people enjoyed the show, bookreaders and non bookreaders alike

    2. This went from being a bit annoyed about original characters to making assumptions. This is the only info we have. I can`t begin to explain the relationship I have with original characters in lotr, got, Dune etc adaptations change loads no matter what. They HAVE to in SOME cases. Does it always pay off? No, like Dara this season was seen a very one note and one sides. Its possible he is just a short lesson for Ciri or a long term one as we could see him join a commando in season 2 or beyond. Really who knows, we have so little information. To be honest for a first season I still believe the show did well all things considered. Doesn`t mean I didn`t love everything. There is only so much we can judge given the info.

  10. I think it may be just one of the girls from Melitele Temple, where Ciri spent a lot of time in the “blood of elves”. So Violet will appear in 3 last episodes, so that is possible.

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